Monzo Labs: Hide 'Left to Spend'

So here’s the thing, I’m sooooo glad to be able to hide left the spend BUT the I find the icon to reach the summary page too difficult to find and I forget it’s on the top right.

The old app layout was clunky but at least I knew where everything was, the new design is good but a lot of things still feel hidden

That’s just education from the sound of it, though, which will surely come with time.


Or tap the Summary/left to spend bar?

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I was going to reply with the same, until I realised @ish had already hidden it…

Yes I completely agree, I don’t understand where all the numbers come from.

Though this would be very useful for me, I can see why they might not choose to put it on the home screen. If they did though, I’d definitely use it!

What bothers me more is that the negative amount doesn’t show in summary if it’s within a few days of the start of the summary period. I still don’t really understand why.

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Far better. Working great for me

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I like the ‘Left to Spend’ I look at it pretty regularly throughout the week. It’s quick go-to influence to me whether or not I should purchase something I don’t necessarily need. It’s prevented quite a few impulse purchases.

Then leave it switched on, Yay!

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I just tried this. I get the concept but I think I prefer seeing how much is left minus committed spending. I wonder if there would be an option to hide the summary bar but not the balance? The bar is always wrong for me - I really struggle with my payday date. I get paid on the penultimate working day of every month (e.g. if the last day of the month is a Sunday, I’ll be paid on the Thursday, but if the last day is the Thursday, I’ll be paid on the Tuesday…). Because of the inconsistency in my pay date the summar never predicts it right. I know this is probably an issue for a different thread but just explaining my thinking. Thanks!

I think that does make sense and is relevant here. The left to spend figure and the wheel/colour coding are really two different things - highly related, but it would be reasonable to assume a number of people would be interested in the left to spend figure, but not the circle. Something to consider when they are designing the more permanent solution.

I like it, I found the ‘left to spend’ feature annoying as there was no way to have it include IFFT payments like the 1p savings challenge in its calculation so it was constantly incorrect so at least I can hide it now.

For a future release is it going to be possible to mark IFFT as scheduled payments or sort them into a category?

Removed mine from the home screen as it was always slow in refreshing to show the correct amount so was pointless really.

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Has left to spend been removed for anyone who hasn’t opted to have it hidden?

Mine has disappeared and I’ve not got it toggled as hidden in labs.

(I’m on Android beta)

Yes, it’s part of this afternoon’s issues

It will return :soon:

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Aha, cheers! Didn’t realise there were issues.

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Love it.

I don’t find the total budget very useful at all as it doesn’t tell you how your doing really (you might have massively overspent on takeaways but not paid your bills yet) so without looking at the budget breakdown it’s useless in my opinion.

So I’m am very glad it can be hidden as it’s confusing on the balance screen.

If you’ve marked your bills as repeating then they are excluded from the summary/left to spend

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I’m not sure if this has already been said, but I’d like to hide left to spend on my personal account, but keep it on my joint account.