Customising Monzo App

Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but I did search the community and came up with no Answers.

I have just been playing around with my Revolut app and through the “Personalise Dashboard” feature, have managed to clean up the app by hiding any of the features that of no use or no interest to me.
It is now a lot less cluttered, yet I can still see everything I need.

Is there a way of doing this within the Monzo app too?
As much as I like the app, there are some features that, for me at least are pretty irrelevant.

All answers greatly appreciated

In labs there’s the option to hide “left to spend”.

I think that’s the only customisation really, other than changing the app icon in settings.


No way to do much with the Monzo app, Labs will hold some options as @adinus

Search the forum for ‘toggles’ and you’ll find more mentions, but I agree, it would be good to be able to do a little more with the UI. Harder to design for sure but that shouldn’t be a blocker.

Perhaps if you state what the “irrelevant features” are, perhaps Monzo could introduce toggles to hide them.

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Good point, thank you.

It’s mainly the budgeting tools, and account activity.
The budgeting tools I don’t use at all, I have no real need for the analytical side off the app.
While it is good to be able to see your transactions, I would like a way to be able to archive them so it isn’t a complete list of every transaction from the day I opened the account.
I know many on here are big fans of the app’s features, and I’m not criticising Monzo at all for having them, it’s just my personal preferences.


I’d like ‘toggles’ for:

  • Show/Hide Pot transactions (either all/none, or even better, per Pot (although per Pot might be achieved by hiding the Pot in the future?)).
  • Show/Hide Summary & Budgets (the pie chart icon)
  • Show/Hide Categories screen - until we get custom categories. Every time I make a payment I have to pick a category but I don’t use categories so, stop asking me?
  • Show/Hide ‘Left to Spend’ - already exists as a Labs option
  • Transactions feed start position - I’d prefer the ‘scrolled up’ view (with the balance in the top bar) as the default, so a way to specify ‘No card/peek/full card’ maybe?