Monzo Labs: Hide 'Left to Spend'

You can do that in your Monthly Report if that helps?

Yeah, just thinking it’ll be useful in the budget screen. As you set a budget for the next month you can click each category as you wish to double check what you actually spent money on. :man_shrugging:t3:

Since the bill pots came out I’ve been hoping for something like this, only gripe is the dead space between the balance and the card. Maybe lower it a little

The balance needs to be a bit bigger when you remove the left to spend

I am very happy with this. Most of my spending is on a credit card and I move all of my money to a savings account and keep £100 or so in Monzo for those situations when Amex isn’t accepted. The left to spend was showing £0 available all month, every month. Now I can finally get rid of it!

The only thing I’d want is the ability to hide on joint/personal accounts separately

I like it, just wish it had the days left still. I like knowing how many days till payday


The balance just floating looks weird. Even just the word “Personal Account” under the balance, like the word “Regular Pot” would be a better way to cover that empty space.


Didn’t know you could tap on the Green line to get to the Summary!


And now that you can choose to show or hide the ‘Left-to-Spend’ widget - if you’ve got it hidden, the Pie Chart becomes ultra-important as it’s the only way to get to Summary (other than searching in the Help section)

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Nice option.
But why you hide available overdraft?

That only shows if you’re in your overdraft if you don’t have it enabled in labs

Are you in your overdraft and it’s not showing with it enabled?

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My fault. All is fine :slight_smile:

I’m confused as I cannot seem to see any difference. Can someone show me an example of what it looks like now and what it looks like when you activate the labs option so I can see where it is I am looking. Thanks.

See the screenshots above?

Found it. I actually prefer seeing the figure…

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I’m not sure why you would want to Hide Left to Spend in the Summary?? It’s a great feature, I don’t need to look anywhere else to find out what I’ve actually got left to spend!


My left to spend is whatever is in the account. I don’t have any bills that come from Monzo so it’s all ‘cash’ for me. I don’t use the Summary/Budgets either so the number is always wrong (I get paid weekly, which I can’t set up in Monzo), so showing me I’m about to run out of money, when I know fine well my weekly pay goes in on a Friday, well it’s always been a useless feature for me.

Position of the amount in your account definitely looks odd

Def won’t be hiding left to spend myself as I always went straight to summary to see it in the old design anyway, so can’t feed back on that, but just wondered does this current work include fixing the bugs that have been introduced with the redesign/bill pots and summary? Specifically, the left to spend breaking the day before any bill pot payment goes out, and Committed spend totals in summary being innacurate and/or unclear?

Make sure it’s always an optional thing to turn it off!! I really like having the ability to see my budget for the month.