Monzo Labs: Easy Bank Transfer

That’s interesting - I’ve just tried it for a second time and still a drop down to explain why I’m making the transfer and a disclaimer notice. Not cool.


So particularly useful for those who don’t have their Monzo details already stored in their other banking apps? But less useful otherwise.

That was already acknowledged when the feature was introduced.


Just tried this on Barclays. Both Monzo and Barclays apps on iOS 13.5.1 are up to date.

It loaded Barclays app, logged in and just stalled at the home screen. Not working for me.

Yeah, there was a problem with the Barclays implementation reported further back.

Agh ok, I did a search through and saw a lot of success too so that threw me off

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Love the Easy Bank Transfer - though it had disappeared for me just now (doh, my auto-app updates on the Play store were a bit delayed)

So, if anyone else ‘loses’ it just ensure the app is up to date!

Cheers @TheAxelr8r for confirming it’s OK for you, was the lightbulb moment for me to do some more diagnosis :rofl:

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Still there for me

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Something i’d love to know, i haven’t tested it because my other account already had my Monzo account setup as payee(it’s only payee as its only used for cheques), If you add money to your account using this, does the sending bank save these your Monzo account as a Payee, i.e once you’ve done it once, would you be able to go to that banks app and pay as normal from that point onwards?

Does that make sense?

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It does with Barclays. Haven’t tested any others yet.

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With HSBC i already had my monzo account as a payee and using easy bank transfer it created another payee with the same details :joy:


That’s just silly, no variation in the name or anything?

Can confirm that Halifax either doesn’t add payee or just matches to existing, no new ones there

Nope exactly the same :rofl:

That’s stupid, I guess that’s a flaw on HSBC’s side

Even reference?

Some banks treat payees as separate entities when the reference is different.

Yeah only thing different is the reference didn’t see that at first :+1:

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I’ve contacted Barclays about this, it is very problematic. There are strict rules that all banks must follow.

Just to update everyone, easy bank transfers are now live for 30% of customers on the latest versions of our apps. We’ll go to 100% when we’re confident everything is running smoothly.


Does that 30% include those that have it enabled in labs?

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Yep - it can still be enabled manually in labs as well.