Easy bank transfer unsuccessful

Is anyone having issues with easy bank transfer today ?

I have tried twice to move money from Santander and both times it has gone to santander, approved the transaction then jumped back to monzo but not came up as complete with the monzo reference or shown in my feed.

The money i was trying to move has remained in santander as avalible.

I have messaged the chat to see if there is a problem with the service, waiting on a reply.


Try checking on the true layer website to see if the Santander API is playing up, could be on a maintenance, it happens time to time, would just do a basic transfer for the time being.

Will check that , thank you.

No problem !

They did have some planned maintenance but it was cancelled. Wonder if there’s related issues

As far as i can see true layers are saying everything is okay.

:mondo: payment team are looking into it as we speak.

Maybe try something like:

It’s an aggregator like Emma & Yolt but it can initiate payments from one account to another using opening banking much like the Monzo app does, been quite useful on occasion.

I use as a back up.

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Easy bank transfers don’t use true layer, it’s monzo’s in house system, but their status page will show if it’s broken at Santander’s end.

You can post your issue in this thread

I believe the developers read it.


Apologies I was under the impression it was truelayer as I’ve seen reference to the pay.truelayer which sort of acts as a macro. :exploding_head:

Email received from monzo. Looks like a bug on iOS version caused the issue. Should be fixed in the next update.


Has this been fixed yet? I can’t find the option anywhere in my app.

It should be a option in the “Add money” button under your card. That’s where it is for me on iOS.

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