Monzo is hiring!

Was happy to see that Monzo is hiring across the board and in the US! :tada:


Best of luck to you, I applied to be a COp - got denied, BUT at least Monzo had the grace to say so! for which I commend them!

We’ve got lots of people who weren’t successful on their first attempt but who now work for us.

So don’t be disheartened if you don’t get through the process first time around and don’t let it put you off from applying again!


I am certainly not disheartened, Dan! I may re-apply later if I feel the want to change jobs!

I found this one: Job Application for Community Experience Manager at Monzo

Closing date of April 2nd, but still there! I guess no one was found :wave:


Some positions look interesting :smirk:

But I hate when salary size is not reflected :expressionless::pensive:. It may turn out as a time wasting application/applicant (for both parties) once the salary offer is revealed as it could be a biggest deal breaker :monkey:


You’d need to sort out your emoji game before you apply


Every emoji on my profile has a professional meaning :smirk:, so don’t worry about it :joy:

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