Monzo is hiring!

Was happy to see that Monzo is hiring across the board and in the US! :tada:


Best of luck to you, I applied to be a COp - got denied, BUT at least Monzo had the grace to say so! for which I commend them!

Weโ€™ve got lots of people who werenโ€™t successful on their first attempt but who now work for us.

So donโ€™t be disheartened if you donโ€™t get through the process first time around and donโ€™t let it put you off from applying again!


I am certainly not disheartened, Dan! I may re-apply later if I feel the want to change jobs!

I found this one: Job Application for Community Experience Manager at Monzo

Closing date of April 2nd, but still there! I guess no one was found :wave:


Some positions look interesting :smirk:

But I hate when salary size is not reflected :expressionless::pensive:. It may turn out as a time wasting application/applicant (for both parties) once the salary offer is revealed as it could be a biggest deal breaker :monkey:


Youโ€™d need to sort out your emoji game before you apply


Every emoji on my profile has a professional meaning :smirk:, so donโ€™t worry about it :joy:

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