Monzo COps - Join Us!

(Simon B) #1

Hey all!

So I mentioned in a previous thread today that we’re hiring pretty aggressively at the moment. We’re looking to hire 60 more people in Customer Operations (COps) between now and Xmas, so we’ve got some serious work to do :grinning: I’ve had several DMs since the last post I made so figured we’d make a thread to keep on top of it :grinning:

We’re currently hiring for : Full Time positions (Out of Hours), Part Time positions (Out of Hours), and Weekend Only, and you can check out the full job descriptions here :

The above are both remote roles (work from home).

We also have positions in our Calls & Social Media team. This means that you’ll mostly be helping customers via Twitter and Facebook as well as over the phone.

These positions can be remote, or they can be in our London or Cardiff offices.

I realise that there’s potentially a lot of questions that some of you who may be considering applying might have, so feel free to ask them here - I’ll get a few COps who work or have worked in some of these varying roles such as myself, @BethS, @KimL, @HughWells and @brenda to answer any specific questions that you might have :grinning:

Introduce yourself :wave:

or me :see_no_evil:


I’m really tempted. :thinking:

(Kim L.) #4

Hello! :wave: I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have :blush:

I’m in our Calls & Social Media team! :telephone_receiver:

(Simon B) #5

ninja edits you in

(Michael) #6

I don’t work weekends. So weekends only is tempting :grimacing:


I have a job, but want to be Monzo mates with these people.


(Kim L.) #8

You can be our forum Monzo mate too! :rocket: How does that sound?

(Is Santa here yet?) #9

Are you really, really, really desperate yet to the point you’ll take anyone? :crossed_fingers:

If yes, I’ll give it another go :yum:

(Ryan Kirk) #11

For those who work out of hours, what’s your typical shift like and how do you find working remotely? :blush:

(Simon B) #12

I think if you’ve been able to work on any feedback we’ve identified since your last application we’d be more than happy to consider another application but best practice is generally for that to not be within 6 months of the last one…

(Simon B) #13

For the first 18 months or so that I was here, I worked 7pm-4am and in those early days there were only a handful of us online (sometimes just two!) so there wasn’t a large support network. However, the app was far less complex back in those days with far less customers so that was OK, bar the occasional crisis :joy:

These days we have a massive support network of remote workers, we jump on daily Hangouts with each other to catch up, the information flow from day to night is robust, and we support each other, not like a family, but like a high performing sports team where we work as a team and work together to support everyone else in it!

These days I work 3pm-midnight (we don’t offer the 7am-4am shift anymore as it’s covered by Vegas) and it’s great - get a good balance of daytime crossover with the day team and then time to power through, keep on top of everything, and support customers in the evenings.

I’m not sure there exists such a thing as a “typical shift” though - every day is something new :grinning:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #14

I’d do this as a 2nd job coz well I’m always on here init :joy_cat:

(Ryan Kirk) #15

Absolutely love the sound of that, really good to know the support network is there too :blush:

(Kim L.) #16

I second this - I work remotely as well (3pm-midnight) and our network of remote workers and how well we all get along is absolutely amazing. :purple_heart:


Also, our engineers are constantly delivering us new tools to do our job.


I’ll take what I can get!

Someone give @Rat_au_van a job. I’m a big fan.


Er…am I being daft? The Calls and Social Media position was being interviewed for yesterday according to the advert? :wink:

(Colin Robinson) #20

Yup, just spotted that too - one for @simonb to look at?

(Simon B) #21

Good spot both.

I’ll find out if we’re going to be having another assessment day and continually hiring for this role (I would imagine so but I suppose it depends on how many people passed through the assessment).

We’ll either get that updated or taken down, depending on what the plan is.