Applied for an awesome job at Monzo

Hey Monzo community :smile:

This is my first post on here, sorry if it’s in the wrong place!

So I applied for a job at Monzo, which I was really excited about as the role was exactly what I was looking for. (Customer Operations).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. It was the answers which I gave, I needed to work on. Monzo also gave me some positive feedback which was nice.

Obviously I do feel gutted as I feel like I could have done a lot better but maybe let my nerves get the better of me. I think I know what I need to work on now and focus on improving on. It’s a role which I really really wanted.

My question is, how long would you guys recommenced for me to wait to reapply for the job? I know I sound very keen!


I’ve seen people say that 6 months would be plenty. But if you think you’ve really improved on the areas pointed out then why not sooner. :slight_smile:

If it’s your first post on here are you completely new to the community?

If you are then I’d spend a few months on here learning how the forums work. You will see how the Monzo team communicate and you will get a feel of the community’s wants and needs. I imagine that this experience will certainly help in a CS role interview :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying @imcm

I only had my interview around 2 days ago lol!
Monzo are so quick at replying, it’s amazing.

6 months does sound like plenty of time. :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s my first post :blush:

I am already like the forum. I’m going to have a look around and explore. It’s looks great.


This thread and post is a good read :slight_smile:
Hopefully you get there one day!


Thanks guys. You’ve been really helpful.

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The guy who called me back to provide me with my feedback did mention wait around 3 months but I just wanted to find out if anyone else was in this situation or if there was any advice anyone could provide.

I think I will definitely look around in the community and understand more about how Monzo works the next few months.

Thanks guys! Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Hi there :wave:

I had my assessment day last week and didn’t get an offer either and yeah, I sure was gutted, just like you.

The lady who replied to me to let me know was lovely, she said they felt other candidates had a stronger focus on customer service and showed greater aptitude for critical thinking; you know when you look back, you realise that maybe in that group interview you should’ve voiced your thought process a bit more and shown more than you did! You just want to kick yourself but you’re right, it’s the nerves because you really love the sound of the job.

I’m thinking of trying again after 6 months, what was your feedback? :blush:


Hey! :blush:

Thanks for sharing that with me. My feedback was exactly like yours. The answers I gave were not exactly what they were looking for, in terms of the group interview.

I looked back and thought damn it! Why didn’t I say this, say that.

By hey, at least we both know now what to focus on next time if we decide to go ahead and re-apply! I think I will also give it 6 months.

On the plus side, they took time to give us feedback which is great, most companies wouldn’t do that.

Chin up! :smiley:

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One of their heads of recruitment replied to this question saying “In terms of reapplying we do ask that you wait 6-12 months before re-applying.“

To me the ambiguity of that response made me read it as “yeah, probably best not to re-apply mate :poop:”. Haha

I got rejected first time as well (this was 2015). It’s funny to think about now!

I actually regret not re-applying sooner. I had this perception that I messed up my one opportunity and that they’ve already made their unwavering judgement. Turns out I was completely wrong and they thanked me for giving Monzo a second chance :wink:


Thank you Kieran!

It’s gives me hope and motivation :slight_smile:

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Hey :wave:

Exactly! This is why it’s such a great company; it’s the little things that sets them apart from others.

Let’s do it again in 6 months :facepunch:, I’ll look out for you if we get to the final again :grin:. Kieran did it and we’ve got loads of time to work on what we’d do differently.

Thanks for sharing your experience too.

Scott :raised_hands:


Thanks for sharing this as well Kieran, #Motivation :grinning:


Exactly! I’ve never come across such an efficient recruitment process.

Of course, I will look out for you too :slight_smile:

Which day was your interview? We might of met already without noticing :joy:

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Lol! You may be right! I was in on Tues 16th in Cardiff, high calibre of applicants in my opinion but it was a friendly atmosphere.

It was a mixture of over excitement and nerves lol. :joy:


Oh cool! My sister went on that day too.

I actually attended the London Assessment. I think next time if I am successful, I’m going to go ahead with Cardiff.

London Underground is just risky with like closures sometimes!!

Best of luck with reapplying :slight_smile:

Worth saying that I applied 2–3 times for different roles within Monzo in the early days. Eventually joined as weekend/night support and worked my way up into engineering from there. :smile:


Thanks for replying guys, good luck to you too Smile :grin:.

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