Offered a Limited Offer Switch - Not working in app

Got the email below:

However when opening the application and following the link, I get sent to a page that talks about Octopus Energy at £40 deal - not the £75 deal.

Any thoughts? :man_shrugging:t3:

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Mine shows me quotations for both when I click the link in the email?

Link in email goes to:

Then I get:

Mine only shows octopus :sob:

Are you doing electric only? That looks like an Octopus only thing.

Nope. Gas & Electric. :man_shrugging:t3:

Huh how odd. I get two quotes for Gas+Electric and only Octopus for Electric only. :exploding_head:

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Yea. Bizarre. Hoping it’s not an iOS limitation :sob:

So you get £40 credit with Octopus for switching via Monzo, or £50 credit for switching via any other Octopus referral link? :thinking:

Both Ovo and Octopus showing for me on Android. Interestingly, even taking the bill credit into account, there are many options on MSE’s Energy Club that are cheaper for me

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Ahh! I recently switched to OVO via Monzo and got the lower rate, damn it! :joy:

I’m on iOS

So I don’t think £75 is a good offer

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