Monzo in your workplace

Thoughts I’d share this.

Regrettably this story isn’t quite mine. My girlfriend and I both work at the same place, a car insurance call centre.

She told me about a customer she had the other day who, when they needed to make a payment, queried if he could pay on his Monzo card, and asked of she had heard of them.

She was pleased that through me she did know and was able to have a little chat about it.

I’m slightly jealous I didn’t get the customer myself!

Please share your stories of any interaction with other Monzo users in your workplace.


got three colleagues signed up so far since I joined myself :+1: all three of whom have found it useful for budgeting too :pound:


Monzo is quite popular at my workplace already - a tech startup in the heart of London! :heart_eyes: I think the next challenge is to convince more people to use it as their main account instead of a prepaid card.


Loads of people in my office use Monzo… :wink:


Now that’s cheating. :joy:

I’ve been hearing from friends and family working in other banks that hot coral is not an uncommon sight around the canteens nowadays though. :bank: :eyes:


I work for a large media/advertising agency and see Monzo cards daily at the in-house cafe (which is card only, we’ve gone cashless).

When we moved into the building at the start of the year it was a bit of a nightmare, the phone signal was awful so the card terminals couldn’t dial up to authorise cards, so if you tried to use Monzo or any similar card you’d cause a massive queue while they waved the terminals in the air trying to get signal. Since then things have been sorted out.

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I used to work as a technical architect in a bank and I always showed off how much better Monzo was compared to their own offering…


But aren’t all Visa cards in the UK going to be online only by the end of the year? And mobile payment has always been online only. So… Yeah. Hardly a Monzo issue uniquely.

I got a colleague on Monzo prepaid. The outages recently made him lose complete faith in Monzo not matter how much I explain why. :frowning:

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We a small office of 9. Between us we have X2 Monzo and X2 Starling.

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I can confirm this first hand :grinning:

It’s taking a long while to trickle up North… despite processing 50+ card transactions a day I’ve only handled about 5 Mondo transactions since launch and they’ve all been from Londoners :upside_down_face:

And with Android Pay it’ll be even harder to tell/know if it’s a Monzo card.

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