More and more people with challenger bank now

Was buying at the McDonald’s in Manchester yesterday and surprisingly I saw 5 people paid using monzo and 2 with starling.


Agreed! It’s good to see :slight_smile:

Last time I was in London I saw a bunch of people using their Revolut card

Last time I was in London, I found myself in need of a notebook and pen. No chain shop like Ryman or Smith’s was nearby, but after roaming a tiny section of the streets of Hackney (I couldn’t travel too far as I was cat-sitting and didn’t want to be away for long) I stumbled across a tiny little independent stationery shop. Walked up to pay and the person immediately before me was paying for their purchase with a Monzo card.

(Then again, someone using a Monzo card in Hackney is possibly the least surprising thing ever. The exact same thing happened when I was there last year and popped out to Voodoo Ray’s to get some pizza :rofl:)


In Hackney there are probably more people paying with Monzo than any other card :sweat_smile:


I see Hot Coral a lot on the London Underground at the gates. :slight_smile:

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I was at a bar in London the other night and saw 4 people with monzo cards

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Was in Tesco on self scan and saw about 3 people paying with Monzo cards. They’re everywhere!

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