Monzo in the media

How was that a genuine use of COps time? A quick look at the forum would have told you there is a topic dedicated to it.


An employee from Monzo told me, on here, I’d be better off complaining about it in app. They don’t pay much attention to the threads on here. :man_shrugging:


Well I hope your “complaint” was worth the effort.

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It took two seconds, so yes. I was reassured they’re working on it, which is what I’ve been asking on here for a while and received no answer. I’ve occasionally bumped the threads on here too. There’s been no update for close to two years now.

It’s a feature I used to rely on and valued a lot and it’s a feature Starling still offer. So I would think my complaint is a valid one.


I’ve read it that it’s about setting it up. What happens beyond that, I wouldn’t expect to be public knowledge. That kind of defeats the purpose, right?

That was my point. Monzo have admitted that customers who’ve been identified as fitting criteria, will see chat all the time.


Ideally. I know some registered vulnerable customers don’t see the chat, including long term members confirmed on here.


Probably took as much time for him as it did for you to write your “comment” :roll_eyes:


Would be happy to know that monzo do pick up triggers on chat and push people in proper distress like this up the queue.

Hope it didnt come across as the opposite in my previous points. Was more so pointing out i wasnt aware of monzo alerting this to be the case and i would consider myself a power user on this forum daily over the last year or so?

What point is a useful feature if its not wildly known.


I doubt they’ll want to publicise it too much as it will lose its effectiveness.

“Financial abuse. Partner hurts me. Hi, why have I been charged overdraft fees?”



People like that (If they exist) should be penalised and blacklisted. Exploits like that ought to be written as forbidden as a part of the terms of service, in my opinion.

Because in all honesty, what’s stopping people from using this feature in an attempt to fast track support requests already?


I agree 100% and hopefully very few do it or they get weeded out early to keep it for people that need it.

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:point_up: link to full story available to Telegraph subscribers only.

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what makes you think most people dislike the Telegraph here , we haven’t had a poll have we ? , did I miss it ?

lol heaven forbid that a journalist with a differing political view to yours should get paid for their work and be protected by copyright

Ive heard most people here dislike the …insert your chosen teller of truth / purveyor of party political agenda newspapers name here … :slight_smile:

I’ve removed a post with the contents of that article copied and pasted in.

I’m afraid having a negative view on a particular newspaper don’t count in matters of copyright.

I cant put my hand up and say i like any english newspaper :thinking:

I have a special hatred for the sun also… absolute rag

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" any english newspaper " …ROFL :slight_smile:

Well that was right on cue…

Completely agree with this. In ‘Leslies’ situation it was something not great but for the vast majority of people this wouldn’t be so unusual, especially if they’ve kept a joint account where its made explicitly clear that it belongs to either of you.

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Dreadful article. No real data to support the headline. Just anecdotes from about 3 customers.

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