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There should be NO conversion by either Caixa OR Mastercard at the ATM. Monzo should be getting a EUR amount not an amount converted into GBP.

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I’m talking total nonsense here. Just worked out that the problem I had using AndroidPay was down to Card Clash! A contactless card next to my phone. Duh!

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No issues with AndroidPay in Spain providing you don’t have a contactless card next to your phone as I did and get Card Clash! :grimacing:


I am in Madrid and trying to withdraw some money from Banks ATM last night

In all of them after introducing Monzo card shows different options:

Which one to choose??

Withdraw from credit account (clearly id not a credit card…but money has been “credited” into the account…mmm
Withdraw from checking account (check?? sounds like is a current account…however still no account number so…

I decide to choose last one

  1. 1st attempt Go to SANTANDER ATM and 2 options:
    Paying in GBP or paying in EUR
    ATM charges 2.5% plus 5 EUR lol
  2. 2nd attempt Go to BANKINTER a local spanish bank
    Transacion rejected :anguished:

Which bank to choose to be FREE of charge when in SPAIN?
Which CHOICE: money being deducted in GBP or in EUR?
Is Monzo really an option after all chit chat and bla bla bla on media saying is the best alternative to banks? :thinking:

I did same in BANKINTER BANK with Revolut card and they give me the money at official exchance rate…while Monzo did not give me the money using same ATM when both are same kind of cards :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Take EUR choice not GBP

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worth reading an excellent post from @Avishai might throw some light on your questions :slight_smile:

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:monzo: is actually a bank :tada: :tada:


A bank provides customer with sort code and account number, darling



Go to La Caixa Bank ATM there is easy
Limit is around 250 EUR per day (£250)
Chose Current account
Choose EUR
Money withdrawn

Cool (for now)


Thanks Ian:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Do visit monzo.com in your spare time you’ll find first page useful to understand what Monzo are doing, and blog post below might help

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The Monzo help page recommends choosing the credit card option for ATMs in Spain when using your prepaid card

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Well darling, when you get the Current Account you will be able to find both of those at the bottom of the Card tab - I’m guessing you’re on prepaid?

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Used mine in Majorca last week but only on restaurants


Tried atm withdrawals in Tenerife and always incur charges usually around 2.5%. So withdrawing €200 comes at a cost of €205 - the only options given are accept or cancel the transaction. Are there any partner banks in Spain that do not levy these changes? Dave

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I’ve just used a Cajamar ATM in Spain. No charges though they do offer Dynamic Currency Conversion with a 3% markup of you prefer to pay more. My €100 came out at £88.45.

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Hi all, just toured France and Spain for three months. The card was never rejected.
I used it to pay for fuel, shopping and even a peage tunnel through the Pyrenees.
I didn’t need to withdraw cash at all as we carry cash for smaller purchases too, in Spain I had to input my pin for contactless transactions.
Really useful is being able to see exactly where we spent money, I topped up twice with my debit card with no problems at all.
Hope this helps anyone with any doubts.


Was PIN with contactless only for €20 and above or also for lower value transactions?

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It seemed to be any contactless transaction.
Wasn’t a problem at all, I just thought it was an added security thing


We have a garage near me (BP franchise) where if you do contactless if it is below the UK limit of £30 no pin but if it over £30 you do a signature but in some retailers you enter a pin for your higher value contactless transactions. Every country has different contactless limits e.g. €10 in Estonia but I thought in Spain the limit was €20 hence wondering if it was only for those above that. I tried doing contactless above £30 in another local garage (BP owned) and it would not work and forced a chip and pin transaction, so it only in limited places.