Going abroad to Europe

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Hey I’m going to Barcelona next week,
If I use my card on holiday will I be charged for using it in shops? If I buy a costa on it will that be ok? Don’t want to have any charges

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Hey Ads

You won’t be charged for using it in shops. Just make sure if the till asks if you want to pay in EUR or GBP, you always select EUR.

You want to let Monzo do the conversion to pounds for you, not the shop. You get the MasterCard rate from Monzo, which is close to the mid market rate, and as good as it gets really.

ATM withdrawals are free abroad for the first £200 per 30 days, and then 3% fee thereafter, but like I said earlier, purchases such as shops are completely fee free.

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You won’t get any charges as long as you’re not using your overdraft! You get the exact MasterCard exchange rate for when the purchase goes through. You can check it here: https://mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/get-support/convert-currency.html (make sure you put the bank charge as 0%).

Always select to pay in the currency of the country you’re in to get the best rate (MC, not the terminal’s).

Have a good time!

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You should check the thread below and Spain Wiki

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Last time I checked we were still part of Europe :wink:

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Next time you check…:thinking:


Brexit means brexit!

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As much as the brexiters may lament it, we’ll still be part of Europe. Geography innit.


It looks like you are right:

Minister confirms Britain will not leave Europe ‘geographically’

I’m shocked! Shocked I say!

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Me too. When they said we were leaving Europe, I naturally assumed we’d be going somewhere with a better climate, at the very least. I feel cheated, and used. :smirk:


Yeah, I thought we’d put up a massive sail and sail into the sun :smiley:

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… did people actually think the UK would just conveniently detach itself from the “swarm” of immigrants the previous PM described and float out into the ocean to a different continent? I… have no words

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Are we nearly there yet?


It certainly feels unusually sunny these days. :thinking:

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All the snark aside though: have a great time in Barcelona, @Adamrichardwhite :slight_smile:

And, yes, as long as you ensure you are paying for everything in Euros, you’ll be fine. Have a look at the thread below as well :slight_smile:

Dynamic Currency Conversion with examples - guide for travellers