Monzo or Cash for Majorca

Hi guys.

I’m finally going abroad for the first time in my life to Majorca.

Just a question as I’m all new to this.

Is it better/cheaper to just use my Monzo card for transactions or to exchange pounds for euros and use cash?


If you use your card Monzo wont charge any fees, so if you are charged it would only be due to the merchant or ATM.

You may find it beneficial to take a little bit if cash just for emergencies incase youre going somewhere that doesnt take card but I highly doubt youd have any issues.

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When using your card, pay for stuff in local currency so that monzo does the conversion to GBP instead of the merchant:


Pay for everything using your Monzo card and, as @o99 says above, make sure you’re being charged in euro and that the card machine isn’t doing the conversion back to pounds for you.

If you need some cash, use your Monzo card in a cash machine out there.

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy your first trip abroad.


And don’t accept the exchange rate offered by the ATM - say you want to use that of your card provider instead


Forgot that cash machines also try that sneaky trick!

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Is Majorca like Mainland Spain though.
Most, if not all Spanish ATM’s have a charge for cash withdrawal
(A bit like those rip off machines here in the UK)

There is a charge for cash withdrawals at ATMs, which differs between ATM providers. @kaiarnie - where in Majorca are you going? Not stalking, but have spent time in several places there over the years and may have some record of charges - also check out the ATM section of this post too:

Have a great trip!