Monzo in Copenhagen

Travelling to Copenhagen in June and wondered if Monzo was good for using while there rather than getting a separate travel card?

Did you put the word Denmark into the search?


There’s some discussion about monzo in Denmark here:

But they’re going to Copenhagen not Denmark! :thinking:

I’m surprised people still actually think about what card to bring abroad - especially within Europe.

When I went to Copenhagen in 2019, everywhere took cards, and Monzo was fine everywhere

Most banks still don’t offer fee-free spending abroad, nothing really changed compared to 3-4-5 years ago

No I mean if you know Monzo is free why consider choices.

Everyone I know has at least one fee free card to hand.

Because they don’t like Monzo, or because they want a better deal, or because relying on one card is stupid.

But in this thread’s case, someone is asking if Monzo is good in Copenhagen. Why wouldn’t it be? They clearly don’t dislike Monzo. Usually your costs abroad aren’t massively affected by the minute exchange rate differences so really it’s just checking it’s fee free - which they know it is.

Also I’ve literally always used one card abroad and never had an issue. It’s not to say it can’t ever happen but it’s a far stretch to say it’s stupid to only have one.

They clearly don’t know that Monzo’s good for that use, so they’re asking if they need to get another card. Given that many banks still aren’t fee-free people clearly need to think about it.

You can get lucky and get away with one card, or it could fail for many reasons leaving you with no payment method.

Ideally you’d know what each card you have does and take those that are suitable for travel with you to have redundancy.

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I think my brain is screwed because I know what I’m meaning but not coming across :joy:

I just had to do an emergency google in case everything I thought I knew about European geography was a lie.


I hoped a /s wasn’t necessary like it would be on Reddit!

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