Monzo in Switzerland 🇨🇭 [Discussion]

(Steven Hanif) #1

Anyone used Monzo in Switzerland yet? Going this weekend

Travelling with Monzo: Europe
(daniel_graf) #2

Yes - I’ve used it in Switzerland loads. Basically it worked everywhere with no issues at all !

There are quite a few places in Switzerland where cards aren’t accepted at all, but in most urban centres they are pretty ubiquitous.

I’ve found contactless is much less widespread there than in the UK so I mainly did ICC transactions. I did a contactless one over in Austria though, worked perfectly.

(Steven Hanif) #3

That’s great, thanks for this! Off to Geneva on Friday!

(Henry Mattinson) #4

I used it hiking from Chamonix to Zermatt. Paid at all kinds of places both in the depths of the alps and in the bigger cities. Never had a problem.

(Steven Hanif) #5

Great! Thanks very much, can go to Geneva worry free!

(Steven Hanif) #6

Just to say no problems with Monzo while I was in Geneva, used ATM as well as paying with card in shops and restaurants. Need to book my next trip now! :grin:

(Matt) #7

I live in Switzerland (moved here from the UK about 2 months ago) and largely haven’t had a problem anywhere with my card. The only place that rejected it was MediaMarkt (a home electronics store) but that seemed to suffer with other things too like my UK Visa and Amex card.

(Marc Bornträger) #8

Would be interested if when I can create my monzo account here in Switzerland (as a Swiss citizen)?

(Alex Sherwood) #9

We don’t know for sure yet unfortunately. This year Monzo are busy launching in the U.K. and it sounds like they won’t be expanding into other countries until next year, at the earliest -

(Nihit) #11

I am trying to use Monzo to buy Swiss train tickets online on the SBB website . The payment is not going through . Does it work on the kiosks /ticket machines in switzerland

(Alex Sherwood) #12

I was there a couple of weeks ago (I really need to post my tips here :see_no_evil:) & I didn’t have any issues using SBB ticket machines with my Monzo card.

(Bob) #13

Sorry, I’ve not used my Monzo card there but a couple of years ago we took the Bernina Express from Tirano to St Moritz and it was a fabulous experience!
On the way there we stopped off at Alp Grüm for lunch at this station in the middle of nowhere, with a fabulous restaurant attached and we were the only lunchtime customers on this very cold winter’s day :grinning:

(Nihit) #14

Thanks Alex… I’ll buy the tickets from the kiosk then… … Would have been awesome if they would accept monzo on the website… Managed to buy the half price rail pass online through monzo , but unable to buy the tickets


I have my Monzo card saved as a payment option in my SBB account. I buy my tickets through the SBB app on my phone and I don’t have any issues. Maybe you need to create an SBB account?

(Nihit) #16

I have a SBB account and have saved Monzo as a payment option as well . Have tried all permutations , but it just doesn’t seem to work

(Alex Sherwood) #17

Since @snorestore’s able to get their card working, it sounds like it might be worth contacting SBB’s support team to see whether they can resolve the issue.

If you do, it’d be great to hear the cause & (hopefully) fix for the issue :raised_hands:

(Nihit) #18

Tried using Monzo on SBB mobile App instead of the website and it works

(Nihit) #19

Thanks . Using the SBB app solves the problem

(Myk) #20

Hi all,

I tried to use monzo on the website and showed as not authorized, but no activity on the app (even having the card linked to my account).

I was not smart enough to try to book using the mobile app. I will try in some days and let you guys know.



I can definitely confirm that the card works on the SBB app because I use it quite regularly when I travel home :slight_smile: