Extended use abroad

Hi all.

I am looking to be going away to Scandinavia for 6-12 months later on this year. During this time I will still have an address in the UK.

As I am not a resident of the countries I am due to visit, I am unable to bank with any companies there (you need a personal ID).

I already know that we can use our cards fee-free for purchases and some limitations on withdrawals - but will Monzo stop the use of the card as it’s not necessarily your typical holiday?

Many thanks

Seems fine to me. Not particularly different to me going off backpacking for the same amount of time, for example.

As always it’d be worth asking the question in-app.


No, you should be fine. Your only issue might be if you need to replace the card.

If you need us to post your replacement card to somewhere outside the UK, we’ll charge you the international card fee of £30 in all circumstances.


Tried but the app isn’t showing any form of chat - usually it does but nothing weirdly at the moment!

Thanks though!

I wonder if CS is closed because it’s a bank holiday

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Ah, great call.

Follow the instructions next to my photo.


Why hello there hidden solution!

Thank you very much!

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Not a problem :relaxed: