🇩🇪 Monzo in Germany [Discussion]

Hi all, going to Germany in a week for Oktoberfest. Wondered if anyone has had any issues. For such a big country I haven’t seen a thread dedicated to Germany yet.


Another user has been asking about Germany too

Nice, I had seen a few people ask but no post or answers. Hopefully this will get it started :smiley:


Hello, I’ve used the card at a number of ATM’s in Cologne and had absolutely no issues and I have paid with chip and pin in a few restaurants :smile:.


Woop woop, happy to help! I’m actually from Germany. As it happens, I grew up in Germany and studied in Munich, living across the street from Octoberfest. Looks like the Monzo community is going to all the right places :wink:

The only issue to be aware of is that some very small number of stores might only accept “electronic cash” cards (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_cash) but not MasterCard debit cards. AFAIK there are almost none left, though.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Germans use a lot more cash and many retail stores, especially restaurants, will not have card machines. Other than that there’s nothing I can think of :smiley: :de::ok_hand:


Pre-Monzo, I had trouble using a different UK Mastercard debit in a subway machine in central Hamburg. The one at the airport worked fine though so it may have been a problem with the machine.

I can confirm that my Monzo beta card worked fine in Germany (on Android btw :slight_smile:):

No problems apart from the Kaufland store only showing up as Kl (but that’s a very minor issue). The ATM I used was a Postbank machine.


Just got back from Munich (Oktoberfest). Monzo worked everywhere that would accept card, however most places only seemed to accept cash, so I mostly used Monzo at the ATM.


So to give a little bit more context to usage out here…I’ve been living out here for a month so far.

All ATM’s I’ve tried accept the card - however not all stores.

For example one of the biggest supermarket chains EDEKA does not accept the card. It seems the problem lies in their card terminals reading from the magnetic strip rather than the card chip itself. I believe the MONZO card does not hold any information on this strip and only the chip, hence the problem. Just a heads up so anyone out there isn’t left with a bagful of shopping and limited means of payment!

Other than that, it works on DB trains, contactless at all points, petrol stations etc with no problem!



Frankfurt’s transport ticket machines do not seem to accept any kind of credit or debit card - only EC card. I always end up doing a Hot Coral ATM withdrawal, taking the EUR20 note next door to the kiosk, buying a drink to get change to feed the ticket machine.

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Just got back and as everyone said all was good, accepted everywhere! My only issue was only being able to take 250 Euro out a day as I didn’t realise that before going and did run out of cash on one day.

You can keep an eye on this by going to the Card tab then click on the head and shoulders top right; then you will see ‘Spending and top up limits’.

I am on Android and don’t have that button. Hopefully soon!

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Sorry, didn’t realise that feature was not in the Android version (yet) - at least the main part of :monzo: worked for you :slight_smile:


Just got back from Dussledorf. My Monzo card only partially works there.

By partially I mean I was unable to use any cash machine (I tried almost everyone I saw).
Shops, bars, restaurants, and train ticket machines were all able to accept my card.

Just back from Stuttgart and mostly fine.

Same problem as someone above - The S Bahn machines worked fine at the airport, but not in the city? Be prepared to get cash out to pay for the trains! :slight_smile: ATMs all worked fine though.


One problem in Germany is some ePOS only accepting cards with the EC logo. Could not Monzo sign up to join that scheme? retailers get charged less for EC card and Mæstro card than Mastercard Debit and Visa Debit (and of course credit cards for which they face the highest charges) which is why some only take EC and Mæstro and not regular debit cards.


I’m currently in Stuttgart, writing this from the hotel bar. I’m surprised others are saying they’ve had no problems with ATM’s as I’ve been unable to withdraw any cash from ATM’s on my Monzo card. The only time I was unable to make a payment was when buying train tickets at the airport. Apart from that, it works fine in stores.

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Have you tried enabling Magstripe withdrawals from your Profile settings? If you’re on Android, you can contact Monzo to ask them to enable this feature for you.


Hey all! :wave:

Currently sitting in Frankfurt Airport on my way back to the UK.

Monzo worked beautifully everywhere I tried with the one exception of RMV and DB ticket machines. The machines seem to accept a particular list of cards, however multiple TVMs returned a card read error with multiple brands of UK issued MasterCard prepaid cards.

To work around this, if you can find a Tram stop, VGF branded ticket machines work with regular UK MasterCard (and therefore, Monzo). I’m told that the RMV mobile ticket purchases worked fine with Monzo and that DB ticket desks also work.

I did not get to try ATMs as the ~140 EUR I was given before the trip lasted the weekend for event food stalls and such.

Everywhere else seemed to take card with an excellent number of them additionally supporting contactless.