Monzo in Denmark 🇩🇰

(Will Stanley) #1

Hi All,

I’m heading to Copenhagen in early July and was wondering if anyone had any problems with using the card in Denmark.

@hugo it would be great to know if those very exciting travel report features you teased might be live by then?


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(Jonathan Jensen) #2

Mondo in Denmark worked brilliantly for me. No issues in store. Didn’t need to use ATMs because everywhere takes cards. In fact didn’t see many banks or ATMs in Copenhagen. On a separate note Apple Pay worked fine despite not having launched in Denmark.

(Will Stanley) #3

Thanks. That’s great to know. I can’t wait to use Mondo in another country!

(Will Stanley) #4

I completely forgot to add this, but Mondo (now Monzo) was awesome in Denmark. It was the first time I had been abroad without taking any cash with me and it worked out perfectly (I had a second card with me but didn’t use it once).

I took some cash out at Copenhagen airport ATM (saving £5 on using Monzo and the local currency) but the rest of the time we used Monzo without any issues. In restaurants, cafes, museums, railway stations and much more, Monzo worked great.


I’m off to Denmark next week - so great to hear this, thanks! :grinning:


Just to feedback also - Monzo has worked great in Denmark :denmark: for me too, 100% acceptance everywhere.

I withdrew Danish Kroner when I got here, and now need to get rid of it - really didn’t need it at all.

It looks like online card acceptance here in Denmark seems to be even greater than the UK - right down to a guy selling coffee from a modified bicycle also accepting contactless payments :scream:

(Henry Durant) #7

Hey Will! Great to hear that Monzo is accepted all over Denmark! Would you, and other people (@sevendotzero, @David.D), that have been before and used Monzo go as far to recommend that there’s no point converting / taking any cash before I go?


(Jonathan Jensen) #8

I did take a bit of cash but only used because I had it. Denmark is a lot closer to being cashless than the UK. Next time I don’t think I’d bother with cash.

(Will Stanley) #9

We got some cash at Copenhagen airport from the cash machine, but only used it because we had it. Would go completely cash-less next time.

Edit: I always have a spare card with me but am yet to need it as Monzo is so awesome.

(Henry Durant) #10

That’s great thanks both! Really appreciate the help and can’t wait to give this cashless holiday a go!

(Alex Sherwood) #11

Just bear in mind that Monzo is still in Beta & there have been times when users are unable to use their cards to transact / withdraw money. You can track the status of Monzo’s systems (& subscribe to text notifications - so that you’re alerted while you’re abroad, potentially without mobile data) here.

I’d recommend at least taking another bank’s card with you.


I personally wouldn’t bother with cash either, but would take a backup card - just in case :slight_smile:


A friend told me a couple of years ago to be aware that in Denmark many places will add a 3% surcharge on card transactions with a foreign card. I thought this was a bit weird and spoke to a contact in the card industry. He advised me that Danish Law distinguishes between various types of credit and debit card and stipulates if a merchant fee can be charged or not and if it can at what level and if any fee can be passed on to the customer or not.

At that time I noted that whereas shops are charged 0.3% and 0.75% for Danish issued Debit and Credit cards, shops are charged 3.75% for foreign issued Debit and Credit cards! They are not allowed to charge any fee to customers with Danish issued cards, but can charge up to 3.75% to customers with foreign issued cards!

Due to the higher fees charged by banks for acceptance/processing non Danish cards many Danish shops only accept Danish issued cards. Some shops may not even accept Danish issued Visa or MasterCards and only cards with the Dankort brand.

I wondered if this was still the case or had changed since then?

(Daley Davis) #14

Just got back from 48hrs in Copenhagen and Monzo worked fine :slight_smile:

In fact, I used Monzo for all transactions (everywhere accepted contactless or chip & pin) so didn’t use cash at all…welcome to 2017!

The rate i was charged also matched up with what I was expecting to pay, so no hidden or visible fee @anon44204028

The travel report was great as always although it didn’t make for good reading…Denmark is very very expensive!

(David McKeitch) #15

Had a job in Denmark last week. Oh my god the Monzo card was a life saver.

I totally forgot to change any money before I left. Denmark doesn’t use the Euro, it used the Danish Kroner (think thats how you spell it.) As soon as I arrived monzo popped up a notification telling me the exchange rate.

£10 = roughly 100 Kroner so prices where really confusing at first.

But everywhere seemed to have contactless so I could just pay with the monzo card, I’d then get a notification on my phone of the purchase + what its conversion to £ is. Which helped me get to grips with the exchange rate.

It gave me an option in the notification to mark as an expense, which I did for the appropriate items. Also handy!

Finally when I was home it told me how much I had spent while I was away.

Colour me impressed. Last time I was working in another country my bank blocked my card, so I had to live off the small amount of cash I had converted before I left home. This was night and day.

Keep up the good work!

(Ed) #16

I have just returned from Copenhagen and found I could use my card everywhere, buying a hot dog on paper island, where’s Rick Stein bought his, or a beer in a pub. The Danes seem well up on contactless payment. Pretty neat to be able to photograph a £5 coffee!

(Gergely Imreh) #17

Just back from Denmark, Monzo was brilliant. Because almost everywhere is card-based payment system (well, mostly been around Copenhagen), I haven’t had to exchange any danish krone at all. A real convenience to use Monzo abroad so far :slight_smile: :denmark:

(Callum Sword) #18

Have just returned from a short few days run Denmark; accompanying my son who starts uni there - armed (both of us) with Monzo cards. In fact having looked at costs and hassle, we’re thinking he might just get away with no DK bank account or card - just a Monzo card. Some shops did say they might charge a surcharge for the card, but I couldn’t see it on most transactions. His accommodation does apply a surcharge though.

One thing to note if you do withdraw cash through ATM - likes of (IIRC) Danske Bank ATMs were applying a surcharge to withdraw cash, though others (I can’t recall which I used in the end) didn’t. So shop around for ATMs.

(Colin Robinson) #19

Don’t do that - it’ still in Beta and has the occasional hiccup! Always take a backup card :slight_smile:


He could get a bunq Dutch bank account as a back up while he is there