Viewing your credit score in the Monzo app might be coming ๐Ÿ”œ

Announced at the Future of Monzo event!

I also laughed a lot at the closed Starling account :sweat_smile:


I wonder how theyโ€™re going to be calculating their scoreโ€ฆ will it be based on their own lending criteria?

Was anything said about them linking to additional credit reference agencies?

Thought you were going to the event?

Iโ€™d imagine it will just be pulling the score and data from TransUnion.

Nothing mentioned about other credit agencies.


Mines gonna be barron pretty much, nothing but My monzo, natwest and starling accounts all in credit.
No credit cards or loans ever.
Sim only mobile phone.

Sounds usefull for those looking to get a mortgage or loan in the future though rather than using credit karma.

Yes, a score out of 710 points to this.

Interestingly (at least to me) is that in the US Apple Card use only TransUnion to check someoneโ€™s credit report

It said at the bottom that it was data from TransUnion. Also they were at pains to say that this is something theyโ€™re exploring which may or may not happen!


Yeah certainly no timescales and might not even happen, but great if it does!

I do like this idea. But I think that if thereโ€™s a discrepancy between the TransUnion score and Monzoโ€™s internal assessment then that might be a recipe for trouble.

If TransUnion allow it, Iโ€™d maybe just show the raw data. Plus maybe a Monzo assessment of credit worthiness.

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Score discrepancies do occur elsewhere. My credit score on the Experian Credit Report website is often different than on the MoneySavingExpert (Experian) Credit Report website. It looks like MSE scrape the score on a set day in the month even if they get a new credit report on another day of the month.


Absolutely. But I suppose my hesitation is the possibility of confusion / frustration if the Monzo app is showing a high credit worthiness score in one place, but refusing credit in another.

And, as weโ€™ve all discussed before, the reference agency scores are more or less rubbish anyway.

Itโ€™s about time they rose above such childishness. It does them no favours.

You donโ€™t understand Monzo at all, do you.

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?? :thinking:

:roll_eyes: it makes sense to show a closed account on the designs, why not make it a competitor in the fintech space itโ€™s not like theyโ€™re making jokes and references to them in the talk all the time, lighten up.


For anyone unaware of the history, Tom used to work at Starling then setup Mondo with his chums as a direct rival in thinking he could do it better than Anne. Thereโ€™s always been a healthy and tit for tat between them since day one. Some might see that as childish some might find it more an ongoing joke.


And some might see it as a designer just picking a bank to show as closed.

Come on now, Monzo is now so large this is unlikely to be a decision by anyone else than the designer. Who may or may not have known the background. And may or may not have considered how folk might react.

That statement doesnโ€™t work. Monzo is now so large that presentations would be approved before being shown. FWIW I think having it there is fine though.

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we ask next year when credit score come

Monzo say :back: