Monzo & IFTTT - Share your creations here!

(Adam Kendrew) #16

Just set mine up to add some money to my Florida 2019 pot every time I say ‘Hey Google, it’s Florida time!’ :joy:

(Simon B) #17

Florida time! I love it.

I need a new Pot to save up for my next trip to Paisley Park… Maybe I’ll call it “Minneapolis Time” :slight_smile::muscle:



(Jack) #19

I have a flic button, tempted to setup an IFTTT so that each time I get distracted from revision I click the button and it moves £2 to a pot. I think my account would be drained fast though if today is anything to go by.


To pay a holiday bill :sunny:

To put money aside for emergencies or things I want. (It used to be fuel money but WFH is ace)

Money for my yearly car service & MOT :tada:

(Kenneth Cajigas) #21

This should hopefully motivate me to keep fit and active now :smile:


Currently having a bit of fun to see what quirky IFTTTs can create :slight_smile: the I “never thought I could use my bank to” style ones !

(Andrew Clark) #23

If I spend at Nando’s, email my wife and tell her I’ve been bad and don’t deserve dinner.

(Kieran McHugh) #24

Make sure y’all link to the applets you’re making so that others can enable them too!

(Lewis King) #25

I send an email to IFTTT tagged “#showmethemoney” after being paid and all my pots for savings/car/holiday etc are moved automatically. This will honestly save me like half an hour. So good. If I could automate it to trigger after being paid, even better, but this works for now!


Well that was easy

When I book my tickets at the local cinema it moves my money out of my cinema pot

(Dan) #27

How do you do this for each pot at once? Can you share your Applet?

(Stephen Robinson) #28

Automatically add money to a pot when I get paid.

(Lewis King) #29

Different applet for each, all triggered by the same email :slight_smile:

(Kenneth Cajigas) #30

How do I do this? I can’t find the option the share :open_mouth:

(Ian Lyon) #31

Using a combination of IFTTT, Workflow and the limited Siri Shortcuts functionality currently present in the iOS 12 beta, I’ve set up shortcuts where I can say “Give me £X” and I’ll have money moved out of the Pot where I keep the bulk of my money.

It saves me from going into the Monzo app and doing it manually :raised_hands:

(Kenneth Cajigas) #32

Another IFTTT applet idea:

Add transactions to my Google calendar
Add all receipts / photos to a folder in my Google drive :grinning:

(Felix Meadowsweet) #33

Another health related incentivising applet. Log a ride on Strava (with photographic proof!) - and whoosh £5 is magically moved to my new (currently empty) Treat Jar!

I have then set up a button widget that will withdraw said £5 at a push.

Monzo + IFTTT has brought things to a whole new level of FinTech Fun! :slight_smile:


Anybody got an idiots guide to making these things?

I want to create one that does:

transfer £5 into moneybox pot every Monday

Pots, Rules, Direct Debits priority
(Ian Lyon) #35

Tap If, choose the Date & Time trigger, then Every day of the week at; pick a time and day and tap Create Trigger. Then, tap on That > Monzo > Move money into a pot > Select your Moneybox pot :ok_hand: