What Monzo IFTTT feature do you want in 2020?

My house is very automated and I love that I can have that integrated with my bank account. For instance, I want all my lights to flash on the day I get paid :tada::money_with_wings:

What Monzo IFTTT integrations would you want this year? Depending on the popularity of your answer, we may take it forward!

Direct debit functionality as initially promised :slightly_smiling_face:


sweep end of month / week , etc … credit balance in current account into an interest bearing savings pot


Can you expand a bit on this?

What would you like to be able to do from this other than what bills pot provides?

IFTT to work with joint accounts… please…


Incoming payment triggers.


Joint account support


Doesn’t salary sorter do this now or are you thinking about it triggering for different payments?

100% this.

An account balance trigger would also be useful.


Salary sorter is great but it doesn’t give much in the way of personalisation. And it certainly won’t play Kool & The Gang “Celebration” on my Sonos when I get paid.


You should have said that to begin with :grin:

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Joint Account support. Voted. Again…


This feature is still being worked on? Brilliant!

Unfortunately we don’t have a dedicated IFTTT team, just a few devoted engineers who do it on their spare time :open_hands:.
That’s why it may take some time for us to catch up!
Thanks for the feedback though :pray:


Random question. Why doesn’t IFTTT allow you to go into your overdraft? or at least have the option to enable/disable this?

If the above isn’t possible, incoming payment trigger would be my second choice as it would open up so many possibilities.

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My Top 5 would be:

  • Triggers for all transaction types (and each one being a discrete trigger)
  • Joint Accounts
  • Ability to automate previously made/approved payments (outside of Monzo, or to Joint Pots)
  • Triggers based on available balance.
  • Sweep action, or at least the ability to say “Balance - £X amount” in the move function.



In my opinion (may not be the ultimate truth) we can’t have business critical operations on IFTTT. Mostly because we don’t have as much control (as it deals with a third party), people can accidentally create bad automations, etc…
The easiest way to think is: in the absolute worst case scenario, what damage can an IFTTT automation do to your account?
Putting someone through an overdraft is fairly critical. I like the second suggestion though! :thinking: :tada:


Some good points - that makes sense! Thank you :blush:

I only say it because sometimes my savings challenges fail towards the end of the month as I’m getting towards payday. I personally don’t mind going into my overdraft for a few days (if I’m not already in it) as my next wage will get me out of it again but understand how more damage could be done.

Perhaps a cap of some sort could be set :man_shrugging: or like I said a toggle then the onus is on the user? Or maybe it’s just too much work/risk and I’m a one-off use case :laughing:

Trigger on income is needed 100%


The option to have multiple “Save The Date” applets as its perfect for 3 or 4 different things i need to save for

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