My monzo account was closed without reason


Recently my monzo account was closed without a reason, the coronavirus has stopped me from earning my wage and unfortunately I had small little payments I could not pay. Monzo is the only bank I bank with and I can’t bank with anyone else simply because I’ve never had the chance to do so, I have to feed my kids with the remaining cash I have and now monzo decided to close my account for reasons I am not allowed to hear, it just keeps adding to my fustration to the point where I have no idea what to do. I don’t know why Monzo are doing this to me, I feel so upset and angered. Please someone help me. I’ve also reached out to their app-support team but they’re not being useful. Is there anyway I can re-apply for another monzo account or anything. Please help me.e

Simply put, no.

Have you tried Starling. You can open an account online just like Monzo.


I have they actually closed it? Normally they only can’t say when they are investigating.

As mentioned above, there is other companies such as starling, monese and Revolut

I will get in there with…


That sounds more like they’ve frozen your account and are investigating and legally cannot tell you any more. Monzo, much like every other bank, don’t close accounts for no reason.

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‘Thank you for your interests at Monzo, unfortunately we have made the decision to close your account’

Does this mean they’re looking into it or they’ve closed my account for good?

I will try it out now, thank you.

It means they’ve closed it

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Based on the word “close” being in the sentence, I would say it’s now closed.

We’re mostly just customers on here so we can’t help you but lying about “doing nothing wrong” won’t get it you anywhere. They don’t just close accounts at random for the sake of it.

We’ll also close this topic as there’s really nothing else helpful that anyone here can say I’m afraid.