Monzo for Huawei app gallery

We could do with an app for those guys that love Huawei as much as we love monzo so an app being made available for the Huawei app gallery is definitely needed

Can’t you just install from Google Play?

Those don’t have Google Play due to licensing disputes a while back - OP could sideload the app, but that would mean he’d need to install updated apps manually.Or switch to a Samsung/Motorola/OnePlus or something, or side load google play store


Ah ok. So no Huawei devices have Google Play preinstalled or is it just some - such as those purchased in China and imported by customer?

I use iOS so not familiar with this issue. Seems odd to me that mainstream UK retailers are selling Huawei devices if they don’t come with Google Play.

No the new huawei doesn’t have Google they cancelled the contract with it so they only have their own app store

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It’s been added to places like Aptoide so you can install from there, but it would be good to see some more UK specific apps in AppGallery.

This should explain it:

Basically US law now prevents Google from working with them. It’s a shame… Huawei make some great phones.

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I’d prefer just having an official APK hosted on the main website (for authenticity) rather than giving in to yet another shitty walled garden. Another advantage is that it will work for everyone, not just Huawei users.


I’ve voted for that, my current device does have Google services on it but when I decide to upgrade I’m going to have to look at a non Huawei phone unless by the time I get up upgrade time things are back to normal.


I’m not keen on sideloading banking apps tbh but I’ve done some others really the best way to get it done is to ask people I’m locked in for 2 months for better or worse

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Is that still an apk thing they are just a bit open to people hacking and putting malware

Yes, but depends how you trust their good app guarantee though.


Unless Monzo uploaded their APK there directly there’s no telling whether what you’ll download is the legitimate APK or a malicious version.

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I’m not sure Monzo would work correctly anyway would it, doesn’t it depend on some of the services that Google only provide with the full service

It does for location based tracking/purchases

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What payment wallet do these phones use, think I’d miss not having Google Pay to be fair

They use huawei wallet it’s massive is Asia but no UK or European license it’s a real shame, but it’ll come soon like when I used barclays they didn’t use Google pay they used their own app


Putting it in the Amazon app store is another alternative.


We don’t have any plans to make the app available in the Huawei App Gallery I’m afraid.