Can't update monzo android app in China

Hi all
I applied monzo card when I worked in UK. Now I returned to China. Monzo has updated app for bug solving. However google shop is blocked in China, that means when I am refused to turn to the app download page. In this case, where can I download directly somewhere?

I’d suggest you use a VPN to access the app download through the Google Play store though.

Thanks for your reply, we are even not able to get through apkmirror although we used to in the past.

Hey again! I’ve uploaded the most recent .apk file for you here:

NiHao Cloud is blocked in China despite what they tell you.

Aw man :pleading_face:

Monzo should be able to provide you with an .APK if you ask. There’s no real reason not to. They surely want you to be up to date and not every Android phone has the Google Play store.

Would be nice if they had a apk mirror of their own.

They do (assuming you meant China), plenty of them. No one has submitted the Monzo app to any of them though, I checked quickly to try and help him get the apk.

hi TTJJ and redshift
Thank you all for your help, let me tell you the app market in China. All the android systems installed in mobiles sold in China are slightly modified by phone producer to adapt to users’ habit in China. However all phone producers provide their apk store replacing google store. Even I travel abroad with my phone, I could not install google app, as the android systems is modified although google store is not blocked abroad. I used to work in UK, I can install monzo app but can not open it cause not compactable with my android system.
The solution would be ask all phone producers add monzo app in their app store. For example, ask Huawei put monzo in huawei app store.
Could you send monzo app to my personal email: thank you!

Hello friend,

I live in China I would recommend this VPN fairly simple and I believe they give you a trial at first if not you need to get a friend to get you a month membership through Alipay which is only 20 yuan or so or they might take western payment methods on the website.

could anyone send monzo android verson to my mail Thank you!

The file is too big to email.

Can you download from here?

unfortunately, no, thank you all the same

Another trial on it’s way via email

finally downloaded successufully, thanks a lot David! Hope it will be available in China soon.


I’ll submit the app to the Tencent and 360 Stores in the meantime.

cool! tencent and 360 stores are the main distributors