New huawei mobile monzo problem

Just upgraded my mobile to new huawei mobile today, it has not got play store. It has huawei store, and has not got monzo which is a big bummer. What are my options? Any way i can get around it and download it from a website?
Really upset now

If you have a search it’s covered a lot.

You’ll have to sideload it yourself I think.

Update apkmirror has monzo… Is it safe to download?
I am a technology virgin

Sadly no official solution. You could try and find an alternative source but no one can vouch for the app’s security/that it’s not been tampered with. Only real option is to use Monzo on a non-Huawei phone

The thing is my old mobile is a hauwei and has got play store so a bit surprised

The Trump administration blacklisted Huawei a while ago and US companies are forbidden from supplying them with goods and services from a given date. Phones manufactured before that date can continue to have access but phones sold after cannot

The seller should really make it clear that it has no Play access in my opinion as many buyers won’t be aware


On that note, are network providers/phone companies advising this?

I’m surprised networks are still selling them; I’d imagine it’s more of a headache for them to deal with all those who buy the phones and get home to find their apps don’t work than it is to just not sell them.


Three network did not say anything to me when i upgraded

Carphone Warehouse have nice big yellow warnings so they get a brownie point

Three also have an FAQ but (on mobile at least) it doesn’t seem to be too prominent and blends in with other FAQs


Did you do any research on your new phone? It’s been covered a lot in a lot of places!


Three just sort of seem to brush over it and hide some of the more important details in an FAQ:


@Curtis84 have you bought it on a contract? If so you will probably have the 14 day cooling off period applicable under distance selling regs so contact Three and ask to cancel. You’ll then need to sign up for a new contract and find a different phone

If bought outright the 14 day return window should still apply

Provided that the phone is in new condition of course

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And provided you didn’t buy in store. If that’s even a thing at the moment.

Flashbacks of buying in store for EE and then being unable to return a phone that if I had done online I would have had the option to :rage:

Does click and collect count as online sale for return purposes?

Distance Selling Regulations do apply to ‘click and collect’ as long as you have agreed a contract at a distance.

According to an MSE forum post from 2012. So not the most reliable info

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Like in the below topic where you can vote for it but I doubt it will happen:

Because there aren’t many votes and the below was said by staff.

I’d recommend this too because there are a huge list of other popular apps that are not available to use.

Just from a quick Google I found all these:

  1. Zoom - No
  2. Houseparty - No
  3. Disney+ - No
  4. Microsoft Teams - No but Microsoft Office, Swiftkey, Bing and Microsoft News are available so it’s probably only a matter of time.
  5. TikTok - Yes
  6. WhatsApp - No
  7. Skype - Yes, in the form of Skype Lite.
  8. Messenger - No
  9. BBC News - No
  10. Instagram - No
  11. Netflix - No
  12. Microsoft Outlook - No but see Microsoft note above
  13. Tesco Grocery - No
  14. Uber Eats - No (and no Uber)
  15. Audible - No
  16. Asda - No
  17. Twitter - No
  18. Snapchat - Yes
  19. Sky News - No
  20. NHS - No
  21. Prime Video - No but as the main Amazon Shopping app is present, we’d expect this at some point.
  22. Discord - No
  23. Just Eat - Yes
  24. Facebook - No
  25. Morrisons - No
  26. Spotify - No
  27. BBC iPlayer - No
  28. Twitch - No
  29. Deliveroo - Yes
  30. Duolingo - No
  31. eBay - No
  32. Amazon Shopping - Yes

Well I thought it was well known that it didn’t have the Play Store on.

You can speak to Three and tell them you’re not happy that it isn’t a phone that has access to Google’s services. Take it from there and see what they say.

I’d never side load an app ever as you’ve no idea what’s contained in that file even if it’s looking like it’s coming from a trusted source.

Even if you get the main Monzo features to work - none of the cool tracking or maps will work as those rely on Google’s location services

Just get a Samsung S21 or something :smiley:

I think it will only be well known for people that follow tech news. The general public probably won’t have a clue.

It’s pretty well covered because it has been the case for a long time now.

If I was spending all that money on a new phone and contract I’d have certainly read some reviews first where this information would have come to light.

I just quickly Googled ‘Huawei phone’ which is really vague and is probably what I’d type if I wanted to buy one - and the at the top of the results is:

Anyway, this is just so that there is more information out there for anyone else who is might not know and is no reflection on the OP. They have time to back out of their contract so hopefully that’s what they’re considering now.

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The problem with common knowledge is, well, that it’s not necessarily that common.

One of the most asked questions on Google after the 2016 referendum was “What is the EU?”