Huawei concern

I really don’t know where to post this, but I’m worried that once Huawei is blocked on Google play we won’t be able to use Monzo anymore?

No idea about Monzo, but I reckon with no security patches being received from Google your phone will soon become less secure. Which will make Huawei’s other job, hacking everyone for the benefit of the Chinese government, easier.

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You’re a little behind the curve on this.

Huawei are no longer going to be blocked by Google :slight_smile:

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For 90days :stuck_out_tongue:


Not exactly, it’s only for 90 days… After that what happens to using Monzo??

In theory, nothing.

This currently affects new phone models, since they wont be certified they wont be released with googles proprietary services preloaded. Because Monzo relies on these services (mainly the play store), you wont have Monzo available to install on new phone models.

Existing Huawei phones will still receive updates and security updates because the underlying core of android is open source. But its on Huawei to incorporate and release those as usual.

The main issue is will users still have access to google play services or not. I cant find the original information to tell and no one seams to spell it out clearly.

The Monzo app will stay on your phone, and you’ll still be able to use it most likely, but if access to play services are revoked then you may not be able to use features which rely on google services like push notifications, etc. if they use GCM, and you would not receive app updates if access to the google play store is revoked.

It seems unlikely that this would happen, as you already have the device, and already have google play installed. theres no longer any Huawei involvement and google are dealing with you directly on phones already certified by Google, so its possibly everything is fine… it will likely very much depend on what Huawei do next in regards to your phone, and how restrictive the ban is.

Huawei are apparently going to release there own OS later this year with compatibility with android apps, so Monzo would likely just need to submit their app to Huaweis (probably Chinese government controlled) app store for you to get updates.


That’s a brilliant and well written reply. I’ll not rush out and get a new phone just yet then.

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Indeed, no need to replace a Huawei right now, but I certainly would avoid buying one now. I want google apps on my Android phone, not a Huawei store with attempts at a gmail and google maps copy.

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It’s actually worth considering, maybe not with Huawei, but google is a huge privacy issue that no one cares about. It’s worth the consideration if you even should use google apps.

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