Credit Card inside Monzo ๐Ÿ‘€

Monzo just sent out their Making Monzo February :eyes:


I donโ€™t use a credit card but now I wish I did :joy: (Not really)

This looks epic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: canโ€™t wait to see monzo pull it off :sunglasses:

Edit: From @edwoollard

Initially itโ€™s just going to be Amex, but we have plans to expand it. Itโ€™s just Amex is very popular and a nice place to start. :+1:


Really looking forward to this, along with the potential for it to put aside money into a committed spend pot for the DD.


I just saw this too haha. Very cool!


Iiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting :open_mouth:


Iโ€™d love to see balances in the app like this, itโ€™s exactly where Iโ€™d like Monzo to grow but I am in two minds about putting the money aside as I spend.

Itโ€™s definitely not what I do at the moment but I like the idea. The problem for me is that the month where I transitioned to that mechanism from what I do now would be painful and probably very overdrawn.

Iโ€™d need to give it serious thought.

The other thing Iโ€™d want to be careful around with this is the impact on the summary Comitted Spending figures. Current card balance clearly only reflects future DD at the very end of the month but there may be room for some clever calculating in there somewhere to mesh the last months payment with this months running balance to try and reach a better estimate of future balance. I clearly havenโ€™t thought about what I would want that to look like. :thinking:


may or may not have taken out an Amex just to test this :joy:


I have one in my nameโ€ฆbut itโ€™s corporate so use is exceptionally restricted. I need to try and find an excuse for some business expenses once this launches.


may or may not take out an Amex and then request early access :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hehe


Iโ€™m hoping (even if itโ€™s in a later iteration) that there will be the option to see Amex transactions in the usual feed/count towards summary as well as just viewing the balance. Then I would be more inclined to put more of/all my spending on my Amex and reap the rewards while still getting the benefit of Monzoโ€™s budgeting features. I might be dreaming though :pleading_face:


Summary in Account Balance mode is how I keep an eye on my monthly spending. Adding Ames stuff in there would make it unusable for that so Iโ€™d want to see DDs etc accounted for in Pulse first.

Iโ€™d also be one to vote for individual account feeds rather than a combined one.

Having said all that, if I moved to putting
money in a pot at transaction time then this may make more sense.


I use my Amex card a lot - this is a great direction to move in and Iโ€™m excited to see it working.

I tried the whole open banking thing and the experience is horrendous in other banking apps, I added nationwide to Barclays and I have no idea why they thought real time updates were not something they needed to implement.

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Give me a shout if you want ยฃ25 bonus for signing up! :wink:

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Applied for an AMEX this afternoon in preparation for this!! I would also like to see individual transactions and be able to categorise them on summary :slight_smile:


So at the moment I send my round ups to a pot and transfer the pot balance via bank transfer to my credit card at the end of the month.

What would be nifty is rounding up straight onto my credit card!


Or a pot that automatically puts enough aside to pay your credit card billโ€ฆ


This is where Iโ€™m hoping itโ€™s heading

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If anyone wants 4,000 bonus membership points when signing up for AMEX then follow this link: :grimacing:

Paging @nickh

This is not a drill. This is not a drill.

:joy: :credit_card:

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May of just ordered an Amex :eyes:

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Shame they couldnโ€™t have got this as a launch feature of JAJA. Could be a great partnershipโ€ฆ