Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Here’s a bit of info, I guess they’ve built on this


Does that still work? None of my flights including a BA booking don’t have these details

I don’t know, hopefully one of the staff can tell us.

Are you booking via any sort of third party?

Nope all direct. easyJet, BA and KLM recently used

Probably because there was a guy on here, who said he requested unlocks every other day, and thought it was normal :laughing:

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Version: 2.36.0 :tada:


Some very interesting changes packed in this week’s update :eyes::hot_coral_heart:

16 changes this week :smiley:

<string name="energy_quote_unavailable_area">Octopus Energy is not available in your area</string>

Monzo can now let customers know whether they’re eligible for Octopus energy :sunglasses:

<string name="external_card_truelayer">truelayer</string>
<string name="external_cards_onboarding_amex_connected">Amex is now connected</string>
<string name="external_cards_onboarding_amex_connected_subtitle">You can now see your credit card balance in your Account.</string>

After my post here, I am happy to share that the strings show some significant progress :hot_coral_heart::hot_coral_heart::hot_coral_heart:

Controversial change, perhaps, this week…

<string name="loan_usp_from_pot_header">Reach your Pot goal sooner</string>

<string name="pot_goal_loan_promotion">Reach your Pot goal sooner</string>
<string name="pot_goal_loan_promotion_button_text">Learn More</string>
<string name="pot_goal_loan_promotion_message">You're eligible for a loan of up to %s to help you hit your Pot goal.</string>
<string name="pot_goal_loan_promotion_title">Reach your Pot goal sooner</string>

#opinion, I don’t think that Monzo should push loans for people who want to reach their pot goal :see_no_evil: from my perspective a pot goal is something manageable / controllable, not something I think I would ever need a loan for :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested to hear what others think though! :grin: Would this be useful for you?
(Bear in mind that there’s nothing in the actual app, yet. This is likely part of an A/B test)

And to wrap things up on a super happy note :hot_coral_heart:

There’s pot history :heart_eyes:

<string name="pot_history_action">History</string>  

image image

This can be reached by tapping “History” or the “Deposits” “Withdrawals” and “Round ups” boxes :sunglasses:

Pretty swish :smirk:


Agree 100% but I want to wait to see exactly what they’re doing. Having a name but no details could well mean we are thinking completely the wrong thing


Agreed, I don’t think it’s good practice to encourage people who want to save to reach their goal to take out a loan to reach it faster. That’s quite irresponsible in my view, and I strongly hope that they’ll reconsider this. I’m conscious about the fact that loans will be important for Monzo to reach profitability, but this, in my view, goes too far - I wouldn’t advocate profitability at any cost.


Absolutely! :boom:

I don’t want to start shouting at Monzo about something I can’t be 100% sure is accurate :innocent: but the way it reads leads me to assume what the change indicates :slight_smile:

But I certainly trust Monzo enough that I don’t feel they’re doing anything intentionally ‘sketchy’ :smiley: the way I use pots wouldn’t welcome the offering of a loan but I cannot speak for every use case :joy:

It’ll be interesting to see whether Monzo blog about it or show some more details in a sneak-peak thread in the future :slight_smile:

Just to echo @Rat_au_van, it’s purely speculation at this stage :slight_smile: I don’t doubt that Monzo are handling this in a fair and positive way as opposed to preying on anybody who’s desperate to hit that goal - whatever it may be :blush:


I think the offer of a loan to meet a pot goal would only make sense if the ability to include a target date for a pot goal is built.

In that scenario, people might take up the offer of a loan to pay for a holiday they need to pay for on the pot goal target date or new phone released on the pot goal target date.

A pot goal target date would also make it easier for Monzo to identify people who might want one of these loans (eg: people with a pot called “Holiday” or “Skiing” or “new phone” who don’t look like they’re going to reach their goal before their target date after scheduled transfers into the pot are taken into account) and so reduce the chances of Monzo accidentally annoying people who are on track to meet their goal targets.

Completely agree with this. I imagine Monzo would only send these loan suggestions to people who have met Monzo’s credit check requirements and so are eligible for their loans anyway.


It should do if the airline sends it! This data is optional for airlines to include and only shows up when the transaction settles a few days after it was originally made.

This feature was highly experimental and in the end, not enough airline transactions included the data to justify building it out much further for now. The strings removals are just cleaning up some of the concepts that were never fully built for what we could do with the data if it were reliably available.


Version: 2.36.1

Changelog: Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog 🕵


<boolean name="truelayer" value="false" /> - New :sparkles:
<boolean name="account_v2_enabled" value="true" /> - Changed :boom: (Rollout basis)

String Changes:

<string name="locked_pot_unlock_message">If you do, we’ll move all the money back into your main balance and close this Pot.</string>

<string name="locked_pot_unlock_title">Are you sure you want to unlock this Pot?</string>
<string name="pot_detail_unlock_title">Unlock Pot and withdraw</string>

<string name="unlock_pot_action">Yes, unlock and close this Pot</string>
<string name="unlock_pot_dismiss">No, keep it locked</string>

Locked pots are the only changes in this release, as far as I can see :wink:

Matches exactly what I’ve covered in this thread: Unlocking your own Monzo Pot 🔓 :hot_coral_heart:


I would have thought if you have a pot named new phone and it does not have enough money for when the new phone is released, you wait longer untill you do have the money saved.

Taking out a loan so you can have the latest handset on release day is a bit irresponsible.

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In that case yes i agree with you.

But what about a “car insurance” pot and you havent met the goal amount in time to pay for your renewal?

There is a valid case i think


Completely agree, but it only makes sense if Monzo add target dates for pot goals.

Seems like you can unlock pots yourself now. And the new account screen has been more widely rolled out.

Still no indication a pot is locked from the new account screen, though.

Deleting pots seems to bug out. It returns you to the pot edit screen of the pot you just deleted. Returning to the account screen eventually deletes it. Trying to edit from the pot screen results in an error.

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Certainly can :eyes: I posted more about that down below :smiley:

New account screen is looking fantastic :sunglasses: Have you also got it? :slight_smile:


Ahhh. :grinning:

Yeah the account screen is better. Guess I’d echo the comments about the Add Money button and positioning of the loans/overdrafts.

The add money button could be moved to the pin reminder and card management buttons but I’d understand if it was more obvious as is for new users initially.

I’d argue the borrowing section should only appear above pots if it is actively being used.

I guess I’d also want the next iteration to reduce the amount of screen space used for the skeuomorphic card, too.


That’s too big of a word for a Monday :exploding_head:


I like the “Add money” button where it is.

Even though I’m not a new user, I use it quite often. It’s the best way of sharing account details and when cheque imaging is introduced it’ll be needed for that.