Monzo flex hold charge

I recently booked a hostel in Amsterdam and hostel had to take a hold on my monzo flex card. They said the hold would removed once I paid my invoice at the end of my stay. Even after I paid my invoice, the hold charge was not removed and monzo took the money from my account on the flex payment date.

I’ve contacted monzo to complain with evidence of the fact I’ve already paid and evidence from the hostel confirming it was just a hold and not a charge. Since the charge, I’ve spoke to the hotel who confirmed they have not received a second payment. It seems like monzo has taken the money and not done anything with it.

Has this happened to anyone before or could anyone offer advice.

Monzo hasn’t taken anything, Monzo has followed instructions from the payment you made.

You’ll need to wait 30 days for the hold to drop off.

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I think this is where flex could be improved really. It doesn’t work well in this scenario, a more ‘traditional’ credit card would be a better option.

In an ideal world, flex would ‘hold’ the money off your limit, like a traditional cc but not put you on a plan since as like @Carlo1460 says these absolutely can take an age to drop off.

@kevcahill4 the hotel won’t have got anything, it’s just a hold which since you’ve paid the full amount means they or you are due nothing further.

I’m not sure raising a complaint will do much other than hopefully convince monzo to do better with handling holds here, but good luck and let us know how you get on.

Not sure this needs it’s own thread through, perhaps it could be merged into the existing one @AlanDoe?


I think the main issue is that even though it’s a hold it’s included in your monthly flex payment. It does sort itself out once the hold drops but as @JIMMWX says, that isn’t a smooth or intuitive experience

100% agree, anything that requires a hold would be better on a classic style credit card as you don’t have to worry about potentially losing the money for X amount of days until it’s paid back when the hold drops off.

Pretty sure the hotels and car hire holds are no longer included in monthly payments.

There was a thing about it months ago. Whether that was rolled out to everyone I’m not sure.

I’ve been searching since I made my post to see if anything had changed but it’s hard on mobile :sweat_smile:

(Edit) but it does sound like op has had the money taken on their Flex payment date

To confirm, have you been charged twice?

Or have they just adjusted the initial presentment and taken that opposed to it being a hold?

I remember they were trialling it, I’m not 100pc certain if this got rolled out to everyone.

@TomMills might know

Hey @kevcahill4 - I’ll reach out via DM to troubleshoot this. Sounds like something isn’t quite right.

As has already been mentioned, last year we made some changes to how we handle holds so this shouldn’t have happened.


Yes I have been charged twice. My friends and I paid the balance off at the hotel. Then the pre authorised charge has been ‘paid off’ by my flex. The hostel haven’t received a second payment

Thank you. I have all the copies of invoices etc to support my claim. But yeah I used my flex as the hold charge then we paid the balance separately on arrival. The hold charge reminded on my flex card and then payment day and it took the money anyway.
I also contacted the hotel and they’ve not received any additional money too.

If you have partly paid the Monzo flex balance which included the hold, When the hold gets returned to your account, the months flex balance will go down to reflect that, So you will pay less next month