Authorisation hold via Monzo Flex

So, I’m having my phone replaced via Express replacement and put the Authorisation hold on my Monzo Flex card as they didn’t accept my Amex for some reason, and I didn’t think to try my HSBC card…

So, it states to choose a plan, can I just leave it? as it’ll obviously fall off when I return my faulty phone, but I’m concerned re the choose plan bit, are Monzo going to auto pick something if I chose it?

Just pick the interest free 3 months as the hold will reverse in that time.

If you leave it, it will default to longest possible IE 12 month with interest.


Ah, okay - I just didn’t want to pick anything incase Monzo took payments for whatever reason. I have had this before, where I bought something, flexed it and then had a refund for it, but the payment went to my regular account, if that makes sense.

This is likely different as I used the actual flex details

Holds are still accounted for as purchases on Flex therefore payments would still be due on the hold until it is released as per your normal schedule.

This was covered by @TheoGibson in another post.

Any payments made would essentially be refunded if the hold is released.

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If your payment is >15 days then if it isn’t cleared in that time, it would charge you the first payment. Then refund afterwads.

If your payment is <15 then you’ll skip it so you’d have 44 days ish before the first payment was taken, which should be plenty of time to get the money back.


I’ve been going on about this at length in the Flex thread. It’s a bugbear of mine – I’m waiting for the outcome of a complaint in the hopes that this will at least be made more explicit in the Terms and other communications.