Monzo Desktop App - Quids

New version released today.

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Great app! :smiley: Hopefully the features of the official Monzo mobile apps (where appropriate - i.e Targets and Sending/Requesting payments) will be ported over to this too.

Understandably only a beta version, but not sure doughnut/pie charts are the sexiest way to display a sizeable breakdown of spending.

Hi, I have installed the app, I seem to be in a loop between Monzo sending me the email after authorising I just get to ADD YOUR MONZO ACCOUNT floating window. Clicking on AUTHORISE ACCOUNT takes me back to the start of the process.


It is not clear from your post if you are talking about the Quids app Beta or about the Monzo app.

If you have installed the Quids app and are having problems suggest you tweet Quidsapp as they may be able to help you.

If you are talking about the Monzo app this is really more suited to another more related post e.g. Can't log in to the App or you can create a new post.

Richard, well its the integration between the 2 so I guess I get in touch with the app people, apologies as I was under the impression this post was created by the app’s developers.


Cool. Your clarification makes it clearer. Maybe the original poster does work for them, but either way I am sure someone can help you on here…you could also try our Slack community.

I should have made that more clear. I signed up for the beta, I didn’t develop the app.


Perhaps I’m a bit stuck in the past, but the idea of using a third party app for my bank seems ludicrous. It feels disjointed and bizarre.

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Here’s a quick list of very popular third party apps people use for banking and personal finance management

And some articles I’ve found

These apps work by giving you full online banking username and password to the third party which are stored. Your transaction history is then scraped by automated scripts.
Fortunately Monzo has an API so it allows you to give read only access to third parties for this and other purposes.

The Quids app just tries to provide you a nice way to view your balance and transactions from a desktop app, as a result I wouldn’t describe it as being ludicrous.


I wasn’t describing the app as ludicrous, nor am I dismissing the effort that would have gone into building it. However, it still feels odd to me to use a desktop app that only works with Monzo (currently), when Monzo don’t plan on releasing a desktop app. I can see the benefits of bringing together multiple accounts and savings information under one app/suite however.

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As an FYI Bud does not require you to give your full username and password. Currently, we pass on the requests from your bank directly. That often only requires things like 1st, 2nd and 2nd to last letter. Keeps you more secure as we don’t store passwords :v:
… Bud also uses proprietary technology no third party. Keeps data more secure.

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Did you use the same email that’s registered to your Monzo card?

I like the idea of this Mac app, which presumably would eventually make it much easier to look at or print statements and other more complex functions. I could imagine logging on to the Mac app with handoff - using Touch ID on your iPhone, which would make the experience even more seamless. I look forward to seeing what functionality you have planned!

More complex functionality should definitely exist on a Monzo Mac app. Smartphones weren’t designed to exist in isolation - if a task is simply too hard to do on an iPhone, well I just reach on my MacBook Air.

I’m sure expanding to other form factors is something Monzo will look into eventually, more likely after current accounts are launched, and Android is up-to-date.

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Out of interest which tasks are you thinking of which will be too complex for the app to handle?

Budgeting if and when target categories get extended (hopefully with subcategories).
Or managing saving pots (again when released).

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Sounds good! Judging by the roadmap, it looks like Hugo’s aiming to build those features into the app so hopefully with a bit of ingenuinity Monzo will pull it off! :nerd:

Please may you share screenshots?

Here you are

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Thanks Thomas, the new version of the app seems to work now.