Can't log in to the App

I’ve tried setting up Monzo for the first time just now. When i enter my email address to sign up it sends me an email to log in. In the email it says click this link to log in. I click the link to log in, it takes me to the browser which take me back to the app. Except now the app has forgotten everything and starts from the beginning again, it asks me to enter my email address then sends me a link to log in,and it just goes round and round like that!

That’s not good! Which phone & version of the OS are you using?

The support team will be able to help you troubleshoot this in more depth too, you can contact them by emailing

I’m using iphone SE iOS 10.0.2 . I restarted my phone and it works now. So either it was a temporary backend cloud problem or a small bug in the app which is fixed by restarting the device.

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