Monzo Customer Support agent is confusing me.

I cashed in a cheque on Friday the 29th and it said its processed with a tick on the 30th, and at the top it said i was meant to get paid on the 1st of april 4:21. The time came and I didnt recieve my money so I contacted customer support and he told me that the top of the thing meant it was the time of the notification and that its onto the processing stage which isnt true because its been processed already.
Attached a picture to show what I mean.

You paid it in on a bank holiday, today is the first working day since. So probably tomorrow. It should say “working days” really.


It is a bit confusing. As @Revels said, it should probably say “working days.”

As a for instance, if you’d paid it into Starling on Good Friday, you’d expect the money on Wednesday (it’s usually done the next working day, though they say 2 working days).