Cheque clearing

Hi new here I sent a cheque by special delivery it arrived Monday. Like anybody let me know when the money would be in my account as I have a bill to to pay and I need some of that money to pay it

Hi @Jaffa80 :wave:

Once we’ve received your cheque, it’ll take 5 working days to credit and the money should be in your account by 12 noon on the 5th day :moneybag:

monzo usually let you know when the cheque is deposited to your account and when it should be cleared which is around 5 to 7 business days

Is that 5 days from when you receive it. Because my notifications from you it’s says Monday 22nd

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

So once we’ve physically received the cheque, it’ll take 5 working days to process it

You’ll be notified in the app once the cheque has been received, and you’ll be notified once the money is available to spend through a pop-up notification :grinning:

So the money should be available for me on Friday then

If you’ve had a notification from us via the app to say we’ve received the cheque, then yes :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s whatever it says in the notification

How’s cheque imaging coming along?



Can the funds be released early rather than waiting till the Monday?

They’re not working on it.

They will pick it back up in August and reevaluate.


Hi @Jaffa80

Unfortunately cheques still take 5 working days to process, unlike money that can be moved electronically, cheques must be actually handled - picked up, delivered, received, and manually checked

Once that’s all been cleared, we’ll send a notification to your app at 12 noon on the 5th working day :grinning:

Any updated news or dates/ timelines for the introduction of the functionality to pay in cheques via the app directly? Really excited about this!


It has been paused. I wouldn’t imagine it will be a thing in the next 12 months, or ever realistically.

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Thats a real shame. :slightly_frowning_face:. I thought I had read something somewhere about it possibly coming during August, but may have been an old post.

Managed to find the article again: Cheque Imaging Pushed back to August 2019

It’s dated Jan 2nd 2019, but what I’m not sure of, maybe you are @Codf, is whether this was before or after they amended the “big list” to say it was delayed indefinitely?

You didn’t look hard enough :wink:

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Thanks! Appreciate it! Still disappointed though! LOL!

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If you vote for it in the cheque imaging thread you may be able to force Monzo’s hand. It does seem to be one of those things that the vocal minority want.

I think it wouldn’t be a good benefit to Monzo but it’s always been a live without feature for me, because I don’t use em’. For others they seem to be a regular occurrence, so I understand why it’s such a disappointment to them that it was paused.

If it is something you need I think Lloyds & Barclays are rolling out the feature at the moment.

This is the thread where you can vote for it (button at the top): ⏰ Cheque imaging