UK/US transfer

Hey guys

Loving my US card and like the new Pots feature. Looking forward to using this as my main account whenever it becomes possible to get paid into it from work.

My main question is around international transfers. Can you give an idea as to when it will be possible to instantly transfer money between my US and my UK account? I love being able to see my two accounts in the same app and I wish I could transfer money back and forth.

We are able to withdraw cash with monzo and use our cards when shopping abroad for no fees and using the real exchange rate which is incredible, so in my simple mind I imagine it would be a similar sort of process…could it be treated like an overseas card transaction? Anyway…will leave that up to much cleverer people than myself haha.

My main questions are…is this going to happen, and if so any idea when?

If not then i’ll have to come up with another solution but if it’s in the near future I will hold tight. Thanks!

What method are you paid by?

Erm…you’ve got me here.

It just get’s paid straight into my bank every fortnight…is that enough? Or how would i find out

You can do this with Monzo now. Just provide your employer with Monzo account number and routing number :slight_smile:

I did not know this! Literally as soon as the international transfer is available I will make that change. Only thing stopping me is that, because at the moment i get paid into HSBC and although they offer a really poor rate, they do offer instant transfer to my UK account which is important if there are unexpected bills etc coming out.