International Tx


Just got my current account activated but its not funded until I can get regular banking to send some.

How do I send a bank transfer to a non UK bank. Its demanding sort code and account number, with only numerics and SWIFTBIC or clearing codes and IBANS are not in that format.

How is monzo going to handle the Fx conversion, and where / when will I see the breakdown ?? Can I control the currency of the Tx outside GBP (my legacy bank I can convert before sending or send the currency of the account I am sending it from as a choice) ??


You can not currently pay in money from abroad by SWIFT, SOFORT, SEPA, etc., and there is No IBAN. You can only deposit by Faster Payments from another UK account


Thanks… I was asking for outbound Tx not inbound but thats me screwed then…

I have GBP accounts, but all offshore… With the earlier card I just fill by my debit card which is now a no go…

Also, my banking is highly international… I cant use a bank account that cant send and receive international transfers. Thats a huge limitation. I thought the current account was a full functioning current account.

Any estimated timeline for this. Kind of a large omission. At least I still have my monzo prepaid.


Wonder if I can use my monzo current account to send to transferwise for my international needs.

The lack of, card top ups, or transfers leaves me scratching my head now.


Monzo can not send international payments either. You either have to use a service like Azimo or transfer it via another UK banking service like Monese or Fidor (or a high street bank but they charge ten times the amount)


Thanks for the reply, but thats bitterly disappointing.

I was all set to drop 10k into it first thing monday and use it as my primary active use account, but international activity both in and out is an absolute essential.

I have banks in ireland, singapore, thailand and jersey etc… If I cant send my own money to my own accounts, non starter. I never even considered they would launch without that ability.

Will just keep funding the prepaid but really not what I wanted to hear.


They haven’t launched yet…it is currently just a preview.

As for transfering to Ireland. Fire do UK and Irish accounts and easy to transfer between the two


Yeah its not just ireland… I have a home in Thailand, Ireland, working in Holland, expect to be all winter in Portugal…

Its just an essential element of my banking, and means I cant centralize it all in Monzo which was what I wanted to start doing as of tomorrow.

Never mind… The spending card still works, but it will still be just a part of my system instead of the hub of my current acc style banking.


If in Holland you can try Bunq too!


Yeah I had even considered giving them a shot for my biz banking over there…

I dont really have a need for more bank accounts… I have a need to centralize my banking more.

If I could have a full current account with Monzo, in USD EUR and GBP. I could drop off having them all over the place. Revolut is looking interesting for it but I have just got to the stage of trusting Monzo and feeling confident of the customer support being there.

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I’m scratching my head too … did you not read the pre contract information & watch the video that you have to confirm you have watched? All this is covered? This account is a trial and not a finished product.


Yeah I knew I couldnt top by card or tx…

I didnt see anywhere there I couldnt bank transfer !!!

The primary point of a current account upgrade over the pre paid card for me… Anyway, been waiting for it almost a year… I can keep waiting until it gets there I guess.

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sounds like you’re using Monzo as your business account though which would violate T and Cs wouldn’t it ? :slight_smile:

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However bank transfer to me indicates to a U.K. account? Perhaps I am naive? Just curious why you thought a current account ‘preview’ would cover all these things.

The current account in my opinion currently offers less than the pre paid if we look at functionality such as

I took this preview as just that - an intro to some of the aspects for the new current account.
Personally I understand that there may be issues with current functionality. I don’t expect it to provide more than it advises in pre contract information, however this may just be me.


Nope… I just travel a lot… I am only partially uk based, while I have a home here, I also have them in lots of countries.

My biz accounts turn over 100s of k a week… Hardly territory for Monzo…

Tho I am in discussion with transferwise on bringing thier borderless into one of my payroll departments. But thats a totally different issue.


Yeah I think that is a bit… Bank transfer means the ability to send and receive a bank transfer… from another bank account… No full licensed bank account I have ever had, has ever not had that functionality.

Hence I thought that 9 months after the ‘accounts in Q1’ I was hearing last year that something that fundamental would be there.

Never mind… I will keep using the pre paid card, topping it via one my my non uk accounts debit card. Easy… I was just super keen to start consolidating all my GBP accounts globally into this, sorting direct debits to it, etc etc… That will have to wait.

Once I can move money in and out to ALL banks, as the preview stage ends, I will come back to it and test then.

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It’s not a full bank account tho, that’s made very clear in the intro video and info. It’s currently limited in functionality.



Have a look at Fineco UK bank (part of Unicredit Bank).

£, Euro, $ and CHF accounts all in one account. Free transfers etc.

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“The world’s most recommended bank!”

That you’ve never heard of.

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My experience with the Italian banking system over the last 2 decades has been dire. Trustpilot reviews confirm my expectations.