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One of the hiring team mentioned on another post that the applications have been postponed until the new year, since they have a few hundred applications to work through! :astonished:

The applications should be live again in the new year, though there’s not an exact date just yet. I’m sure one of the Monzonauts will make a post when they’re live again, so just keep an ear out :blush:

(WDT) #165

Thank you!

(Johnny Ellwood) #166

It might be worth bookmarking this page -

(WDT) #167

Thanks, I’ve signed up for the email alerts and will also be frequently checking that page :smiley:


No worries at all, glad I could help! :blush:

I just found the original post I was talking about, so here it is just incase it’s of any extra help :grin:

(WDT) #169

Thanks that’s very kind

(Jason Artemis Winstanley) #170

I received a lovely email yesterday saying “We loved your application, please complete this next stage, a practical exercise!” (I’m paraphrasing, obviously!)

I really liked this. Gave a bit of an insight into the role and what to expect if you’re in the role, and gives a bit of an insight into your logic and thought processes when you give your answers too… I’m quite impressed with Monzo’s careers application process so far, the only delay being the festive seasonal slow-down. Very happy chappy indeed, I am.

Now… just to wait to see if I’m invited to the next assessment day in March… :smiley:

(Sam Wilson) #171

Hi there! First time posting and wondering if someone can help. I just got an email saying to complete a practical task to attend an interview day in March.

I’m totally stumped on the practical task, mainly on how to lay them out! There is so much to think about and I know I’d be great at this job but trying to lay it all out is so hard!

Can anyone help?

(Jack) #172

Hey @samw12 I’d suggest replying to the email you received it from. They should be able to answer any queries you have regarding the specific task you’ve been sent :slight_smile:

COps Practical Task
(Jason Artemis Winstanley) #173

Nearly ten days later, and I haven’t heard back yet. That’s fine, I’m not nervous. Nope! XD

(Jane Hope) #174

I had the same query as @samw12 and replied to the team, they didn’t get back to me so I just went with my gut and formatted it how I’d want to read it.

(Jane Hope) #175

I got the task the same time as you @Termy, but I just submitted it tonight.

I noted the email said they need it back within two weeks so it’s quite possible the Hiring Team will wait until they’ve processed all the tasks before confirming any assessment days. If I had to guess I say we’ll hear back at the end of this week at the earliest, more likely the following week.

Fingers crossed for you, and let us know :wink: I’m not not nervous too!!

(Jason Artemis Winstanley) #176

Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, okay. That does make sense. Plus, there is plenty of time between now and March. Heh, there’s no rush.

Good luck to you! Fingers crossed too.

(Sam Wilson) #177

That’s me just submitted!

(Sarah k) #178

Hi, I’m just wondering if anybody has heard back yet after sending the practical exercise off? I know the next assessment day is not until March and I am hoping no news is good news :blush:

(Jane Hope) #179

I haven’t heard back yet @Sklondon, and I’ve also been wondering if anybody else has! :flushed::crossed_fingers:t3: I had guessed last week but now hoping it will be this week.

(Jason Artemis Winstanley) #180

No news is definitely good news! It’s when you have an email in your inbox or a phone call when it becomes good or bad… :slight_smile:

(Sarah k) #181

I’ve been checking my inbox everyday :smiley:


Fingers crossed for all potential COps. Good luck!

:crossed_fingers: :monzo:

(Sam Wilson) #183

Still waiting! Eeeek