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(Iain) #184

Just throwing my two cents in here -

I applied as a spur of the moment thing at the start of December 2018 - primarily because I saw they were hiring on their Instagram. I did (thankfully) well and got all the way through to the interview - which was a lot of fun! They’re all lovely people in the London office! Got a call about 5 days later to say they’d like to make me an offer which I very excitedly accepted(!!!)

I can’t wait to get stuck in - get to the training and generally meet everyone. However, I’m still waiting to start. I was told it’d be the end of February and got a call saying they had over forecast training groups (or something similar) and there wasn’t enough actual work at the moment for us new starts to get our teeth into.

A very lovely lady called me, was really apologetic and asked if I’d be okay with delaying my start date until March now. I felt like I couldn’t really say no. So I’m starting the middle of March now. Hopefully.

My point in mentioning this is that even if you do get the interview passed you and get an offer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be starting any time soon.

Between the date of the phone call to say I’d got the job to actually starting will be nearly 3 months to the day.

Prepare yourself for that possibility. I know it’s completely down to the sheer amount of hiring they’ve been doing over the past 6/12 months or so. But still - something to be aware of.

I really can’t wait to start - and to meet some Monzonauts at the office! Plus, the joy I will have handing my notice in to my current employer will be unreal! I’ve been wanting to do this for years now! :sweat_smile:

Also - Hi! :wave:t2: I’m new! :sunglasses:


(Simon B) #185

Hey Iain,

Really sorry about this experience - I know it’s not ideal to be waiting so long.

This is the first time that this has happened, and hopefully the last. We did over-hire in Q4 last year, and that became very apparent to us at the beginning of the year, so we had to make the decision to both freeze hiring for a few months and also to unfortunately have to delay some people’s start dates.

We’re really looking forward to you starting, and hope this hasn’t negatively impacted anything for you… That time period when you know have a new job, but still have to do your old one for a bit can be very frustrating, so we’re sorry to have put you in that position… Hopefully it’ll be well worth it when you do finally get to start with us :grinning:


(Sarah k) #186

Hi Simon,

Do you know if Monzo are still planning to hold another assessment day in March? If there are people waiting to start work, are you still looking to hire more people?


(Simon B) #187

Hey Sarah! Yes, as far as I am aware the plan is to start opening up hiring and assessment days again in March.


(Sam Wilson) #188

Any idea when lol?
I’m from Scotland and would like to know roughly when as I’ll need to organise over a day off work and travel etc? :slight_smile:


(David) #189

Hello Simon,

I would be extremely interested in the part time or weekend roles if you could up date me on any new roles or progress on the recruitment please?



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(Simon B) #190

Hi David,

I’m afraid we’ve nothing to announce just yet. Customer Operations hiring is still frozen at the moment. I will definitely post something in here when we start recruiting again.

@samw12 We haven’t committed to any dates yet AFAIK.


(Jason Artemis Winstanley) #191

Massive congratulations on your employment! :slight_smile:
Your experience seems to fit with what I would personally hope for, I applied for a remote working vacancy as a second job alongside my apprenticeship at TfL working evenings and weekends (though now I kinda wish I had gone for a full role…)

So to hear it might all come about towards the end of my apprenticeship does cheer me up somewhat. I just need to wait and see what happens in March!


(Sam Wilson) #192

Can’t believe the email we’ve just got. I’ve been waiting months for a reply. I’m in the right mind to move banks because if they can’t hire people after applying then wonder how much of a shit show their banking systems is.



Without seeing the email, it’s obviously very difficult to pass judgement.

I’m sure a huge number of people applied for very few jobs though - It’s a tough market out there.

Sorry you didn’t get the news you wanted!


(Sam Wilson) #194

No nick they’ve completely shut down the customer ops home based role, it’s not that I’ve been unsuccessful. You’d think they would maybe actually have roles available before advertising!



:grimacing: - Doesn’t sound ideal…


(Jason Artemis Winstanley) #196

I just got that email myself, with a “Could you consider Cardiff instead?” message in it. Quite gutted, and very very annoyed. I applied for a remote position as that’s all I could do. I’m now changing my opinion of this process from “slick and efficient and applicant friendly” to “really inefficient, slow and disappointing”. Sorry, Monzo, you’ve annoyed me today.


(Kevyn) #197

Monzo have been clear that they over hired before Christmas when customer services had big strains. Some people who have been accepted for positions haven’t got start dates until later in the year. All work places can change through recruitment periods and home recruitment has changed.


(Sam Wilson) #198

I don’t actually understand why the would need us to work in Cardiff when we could just work at home during the opening hours, it’s the exact same job and details? So confusing

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(Jason Artemis Winstanley) #199

Yes, they did hire before Christmas, however most companies also have a recruitment team that scope out headcount numbers and the like, etc. That recruitment team would be able to estimate headcounts and the like, and if there was no position they’d be able to advise against advertising positions.

However, the further issue in this case is that they are still hiring, as my received email states. They just want to push people to their new Cardiff office (see the recent Office Manager vacancy in Cardiff). While yes I can see why they would want to push people into their new office, I’m not able to upsticks and relocate a second time in the space of eight months. I’ve already got commitments here in London, and I’m happy here.


(Sarah k) #200

Gutted :cry: I put everything on hold in the hope of working for Monzo :cold_sweat:

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This tweet from 9 hours ago isn’t greatly timed then…

Distributed = remote for anyone wondering…


(Simon B) #202

Meri’s referring to engineering hires in that tweet, not COps … The remit is different, as is the forecasting/needs/requirements. If you look at the tweet that she’s replying to, that is more clear…



I have no doubt - But I’m sure it’ll still sting for anyone caught up in it.

Out of curiosity (and with no other information than the bare bones that have been provided here)…

Why did Monzo switch the COps location from “remote” to “office based” after the interviews (if that’s indeed what happened?)

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