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(Simon B) #142

I’ll try and get some clarification on this for you @JaneHope :slightly_smiling_face:

(Tom) #143

Can I ask, how safe is our data if customer service ops are allowed to work from home? Not trolling, just wondering. Do they use their own equipment?

(Ryan Kirk) #144

I believe it is Monzo supplied equipment but correct me if I’m wrong. Data Protection would be the exact same as it would be working in a call centre :slight_smile:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #145

I would also imagine that every action is logged against the individual. Combine this with tiered access and permission restrictions I’m sure they will have everything covered :blush:


Sounds about standard yeah, audit logs so you can prove someone has done something on a system without them having any room to deny it. As for tiered access and permission restrictions, aren’t these the same things?

(Tom) #147

Thanks. I was less concerned with what people may give away, more if someone accidentally ends up with a virus/malware on the computer (if it isn’t controlled by Monzo).

(Steve) #148

I’m pretty certain all kit is supplied by Monzo. I’m sure I read it’s a MacBook and phone.

(Kalinka (Pinky) ) #149

So I am very excited to have confirmation of my interview and assessment day at Monzo, at the London office in January :grin::confetti_ball::tada:

Now to get my packing all done in time for my flights out in December and then enjoy Christmas with my father and family (not seen since I was 9 :scream::star_struck::heart_eyes:) as well as some friends… also not seen in many years :santa::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::snowflake::heart:

So very excited for everything, it’s going to be a marvelous Christmas and New Year :grin::grin:

Can’t wait to meet everyone at Monzo, or at least those who will be there in London when I am there in Jan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


Hi guys. When is it the deadline for the assessment in Cardiff 10/12, I imagine at least a couple days before the assessment day? :grin:

(Jake MacGregor) #151

Congrats! What date is your interview, maybe I’ll be about for my monthly visit to the office :tada:

(Jake MacGregor) #152

It is all supplied by Monzo!
MacBook :white_check_mark:
Phone :x:


Do you offer any part time remote opportunities for students? Aka working weekends - the offer for weekend only looks good but it’s sowmtimes hard to travel to London.

In addition, do you have any space for writing on the blog and other parts of the site?

Thank you!

(Simon B) #154

Weekend work is remote :grinning:

(Charlie) #155

The application and entire recruitment process seems like a bit of a pain to be honest with you.

For starters, “Tell us about a time when you went the extra mile to help someone with a problem.”

You’re just going to get people making stuff up with this sort of question or you’re going to be massivly underwhelmed with the answer.

And then you have “Tell us about a time when you solved a complex problem.”

Which just seems a bit vague…

Also, two weeks training seems fair but where does this happen? Is it over some sort of webcam software where you share screens? Do you go to London or Cardiff everyday for 2 weeks? Is travel paid for?

I meet all the “you should apply if” criteria but the whole process seems a bit “ergh” like it’s a pain? Applying for a job isn’t particularly exciting but it shouldn’t feel like a chore really should it?

5pm-2am is honestly perfect for me and I love the idea of just working from home and helping a company I am actually passionate for. are you allowed to visit Cardiff or London whenever you like if you felt like working from them at any time? Maybe you had family staying the week or whatever and you wanted to get out the house :joy:

I also love the idea of working and dipping into other areas/departments.

What does the group interview entail? Again, this feels like a pain and will just entice people to big themselves up…

I don’t know, maybe it just isn’t for me but just seems like you’re not doing it right and are kind of asking for poor quality workers to apply :thinking:

Sorry for all the questions but just had a surge of questions shoot to my head. Maybe these are the kind of questions that would be good to ask at the interview stage when you say “any questions?”:joy:

(Kalinka (Pinky) ) #156

@jakemacgregor I will be there on the 11 Jan :grin: Would be great to meet you :handshake:

(Nathan Steer) #157

I’ve personally always thought group interviews are a good idea. They allow the interviewers to get an idea of how you actually interact with others that you may or may not end up working with.

As for enticing people to big themselves up, isn’t that kind of the point of an application/interview process? (Though it should, of course, still be truthful) After all, you are essentially trying to sell yourself to the potential employer.


Awesome, thanks!

(Stewart Jones) #159

I’m looking to apply for a remote position in the New Year as I have a restricted covenant until then with my current employer :upside_down_face: I would love the opportunity to forward my CV in advance of then if you can advise me on where to send it :+1:

(Jason Winstanley) #160

I’ve just sent an application in, to supplement my other full time job in London. :blush: I love Monzo, would love to be able to say I bank with them, invested in them AND work for them too!


Recently went to an assessment in London, which was super fun and interesting. Just waiting to hear back now (as it was only a few days ago), so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

The process was great, definitely a worthwhile experience regardless of the outcome. Everybody has been so friendly and helpful! If anyone’s thinking of applying, I’d definitely recommend it! :blush: