New Joiners at Monzo HQ

You might have seen some new faces popping up on the forum, on #monzostories or at :monzo: events… I thought it would be helpful to get every new joiner to come say :wave: here!

They can tell you a little about themselves, what they were doing before, where they’re from, what they do at Monzo and what their first week has been like.

I have asked anyone who joined in the last few months to drop by and say hey, but first up, we have Beth, who joined us this week…

I know you guys will be nice + welcoming as always :heart:

Excuse me, whilst I go get Beth to sign up to the forum :joy:


Hello Monzo Community!! :wave: :mondo:

My name is Beth and I’m the new Hiring Coordinator at Monzo!

You could probably have guessed I’m not joining Monzo as a technical genius as it’s taken over 18 hours to work out how to reply on this forum and add emojis! :clap:

About me:
I’m originally from Manchester and moved to London two years ago after graduating from Sheffield University in Philosophy! :mortar_board:

Before Monzo:
I’ve been working as a Recruitment Consultant for two years specialising in Digital Transformation and Business Change.

What I’m doing at Monzo:
Everything hiring related! I’ll be searching for exceptional talent to join us on our journey towards building the best possible bank! :+1:

My first week at Monzo:

  • Hanging out with the Monzo family (they’re all so lovely!)
  • Yoga in the office :pray:
  • Getting a mention in the weekly meeting! I was awarded my first smiley! :grinning:

Hi Micsway,

Great to hear you are interested in working with us! We have a mailing list on our careers page so you can keep up to date with new roles!

Is the mailing list working yet? I’ve noticed several roles were added within the past week or so but I didn’t receive an email :grimacing:

@alexs next one will come out on Monday :soon:


Soon everyone will want to work for Monzo :stuck_out_tongue: - or they should do anyway!
I’m curious to know how flexible the roles are - e.g. can you work as both part of the backend engineering and android development teams?


My name is Sunny :sunny:️ I joined Monzo almost three months ago as the Paid Marketer.

About me:
I was born and raised in Hong Kong and studied in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I did a minor in History. I have lived in five places in my life: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Copenhagen, North Carolina and London.

Before Monzo:
I was Paid Marketing Manager at Boomf (

What I’m doing at Monzo:
Monitor, execute and measure campaigns that gain new users for the bank of the future :ocean:

My first week at Monzo:

  • Lots of alcohol and coffee, as far as I remember… :wine_glass::coffee:
  • Retouched a few Facebook videos (like this one!) :video_camera:
  • Created a customer acquisition dashboard that summarises how well Monzo is gaining users :bar_chart:
  • New joiners’ lunch. Yummy Thai food :yum:

Hi Maria, any news on the email? I’ve not received anything and I know there’s a few other people who haven’t received it

Hi Everyone! :wave:

My name is Phil and I joined Monzo this week as Head of Partnerships.

About Me:
I grew up in North Wales :mountain:, studied Computer Science :computer: at Cambridge and spent the last 10 years working in a variety of business and technical roles at Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

Before Monzo:
I worked in strategic partnerships at Facebook, most recently focused on the Messenger Platform (bots) :robot:

What I’m doing at Monzo:
I’ll be working to build out the Monzo Marketplace, giving you guys easy access to lots of services so you can better manage your finances and save money (like easily switching energy providers, easily taking out insurance as and when you need it etc.) … if you have any good ideas for marketplace products to build, please share! :smiley:

My First Week at Monzo:

  • Started conversations with lots of potential partners including Commuter Club, Octopus, Bulb, Raisin, Money Saving Expert, Reward Insight
  • Continuing a test with Commuter Club that @tristan has started
  • Enjoyed meeting lots of friendly colleagues over lunch each day!

:wave: :wink:

Hey, I don’t think I need too much of an introduction to the community here but I’m excited to announce that I’m in the process of joining the Night COps team. :tada:

Spending this week and the next in the office going through all of the training, then I’ll be back on the community. :raised_hands:


Good work @RichardR and congrats :tada: . Having said that, as you’ll be on the night shift hope I never have to speak to you :joy:


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