Monzo Community in App?

Wonder if anyone else would agree if it would be a good idea to be able to access the community section in the Monzo app. Maybe not the full functionality things like seeing popular threads and future updates being listed.

I think banking and socialising should be separate. I want notifications about transactions to be clearly separate from someone commenting on my post here.

However, the two are connected in a way as some of the help articles and notifications they send out link here.

For the time being you can save a shortcut or use the discourse app if you really want the community in app form.


Fair point mate.

I would not have it in the same section similar to how there are separate tabs for payments and the Plus option having a new section where notifications are separate

I’m not sure what you’re suggesting. The community is already accessible from within the Monzo app so are you looking for something else?

Do you know how to submit a flag to remove a thread mate?

I can close it if you like? I could also remove it somewhere if you really want to but I wouldn’t see that as necessary.

Yeah could you just close it?

As requested.