Monzo closed my account and will not give my money!

Ok so yet another problem to add to everything else with Monzo

A few hours ago a notification popped up advising me my Monzo account had been closed upon looking more closely thinking it was a joke they actually closed my account without any reason or explanation and I haven’t done anything wrong not that I know off anyway

So after lots of rant and anger I have accepted the closure of my account even though I have no. Clue why they have told me I can’t have the money in my account for at least a few weeks

To Top it all off !! I have a £500 payment coming in from a online casino betfred which is due to hit my account tommorow so what will happen with this now ?!!! Are these Monzo fraudster bank going to take that too along side my balance

This has to be the worst bank ever shocking how they can close someone account without any good logical reason and refuse access to ones money ? Luckily I never made Monzo my main bank account but imagine someone who had all their money in Monzo and then bam closed account nothing to live on for weeks
Or months is that even legal ???

Whilst you say theres no reason, there definitely is a reason.

Where does your money go and come from in your account?


Oh there was 100% a reason. Do you think they did it for fun?


They will return the money to you as soon as their investigations are complete

Give Betfred other account details. If it’s due tomorrow you have time

If that was true, you would have called the police.

You mean they have followed the law?


There’s surely a lengthy tale behind this but, hey, let’s not…:smirk:.


Thanks for the feedback @Zedgee.

As we’re mostly just customers here, I’m going to close this thread. Do take up any grievances with Monzo through the right channels, though.