Statements Closed Account


Monzo unexpectedly closed my account last month due to me transferring between my own accounts, anyway my issue is my Monzo was originally my main salary account.

I am currently applying for a spouse visa and need 6 months worth of statements. I’ve emailed Monzo to see if they can send me the PDFs but they aren’t replying ?

Can anyone on here assist

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do to help, you’ll need to wait for an answer to your email.

How long ago did you email them?

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If it’s been more than 3 days then send another email or call their number. They are legally required to keep bank info for 6 years I believe so they will have it.

This is a community forum though so no one here can help.

how did you know that’s the reason your account was closed I’m curious

I only sent it this morning but it was probably early hours in UK as I’m on holiday

And I don’t know for sure I’m guessing cus it was just a regular account

You might have identified the reason they haven’t answered. :+1: