Monzo chat shows notification but I can’t read it

I’m talking to an adviser called Romeo and the chat has suddenly stopped updating despite showing notifications? I have tried logging out and in again as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail. I’m quite urgently trying to see if my card is working so I would really appreciate anyone who can help with either situation!

Can you see the actual chat but only old messages, or you can’t find the chat at all?

I can see old messages from today and it keeps flashing that I have a notification then when I click nothing :confused:

Are you on iOS? , can you try uninstalling and reinstalling from the app store, not from iCloud backups.

How do I do that? I uninstalled and reinstalled but I think it’s from iCloud. Also is the number 24/7?

I’m not familiar with iOS, but after the uninstall open the app store and download?

Maybe remove it from your saved/library apps first and then download.

I think the number is only 24/7 for lost and stolen cards , but I’m not sure.

Ahh this is what I did and it still doesn’t work- I’m really afraid as I don’t know whether my card is still working and my balance won’t update so I don’t know how much money I have- what should I do :frowning::frowning:

You can login at to check you balance.

Do you have another device you can try installing the app on?

Oh thank you so much! I don’t unfortunately :pensive:

That’s a shame , maybe someone with an iPhone who knows will chime in on how to install.

But after a quick Google,

  1. Go to Settings --> Storage & iCloud Usage
  2. Go to the section that says ICLOUD
  3. Click on Manage Storage
  4. Click on Joana’s (Your name) iPhone
  5. At the Backup Options turn off Monzo
  6. Go to the App Store and try to download the app again. Hopefully, it will start downloading! For me this solved the problem.
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Thank you for this! currently waiting to see if i can borrow my sisters phone to try :sweat_smile: and thank you for the tips - i didnt have monzo listed under my icloud for some reason! Also is it possible that the notifications are a glitch?

No worries, It’s most likely a glitch then especially if there’s no new messages after signing in on a new phone.

Just send a message in the chat saying what’s happening with screenshots if you can and they’ll look into it

Maybe this was causing issues.

ahh awesome! thank you so so much!!

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