[iOS] No response in Chat

Hi all,
I have never experienced any issue with the in-app chat before (I have used it a lot), but today I sent a somewhat urgent request about a payment, and haven’t seen a response yet.

Granted, it has only been 4 hours. I have tried force closing the app, deleting it and reinstalling. No change. I noticed that the previous chat (yesterday) had not been closed, so could this be the root of the issue and all my messages are getting lost into the void?

Will keep trying (I have emailed support too). I have nothing but good things to say about Monzo, and have sent quite a few new customers their way, but it doesn’t bode well if this is the way they are going.

I’ll keep the faith for now.

Did you go through the correct flow to report the payment issue?

i.e. Tap into the transaction in question, scroll to the bottom and tap ‘something wrong, get help’ - then follow the prompts.

This means that it will send everything Monzo will need straight to the relevant team without all the back and forth asking you questions and delaying things further.

If you went direct to chat then you’ll just be in the “normal” queue and your query won’t be prioritised. Either way, you’ll get a notification when they respond so you can continue with your day in the mean time - there isn’t anything you can do to speed this up.

Hey! I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had a response yet :pensive:

I can assure you your chat won’t be lost in the void! It is likely when you messaged us the COp you were previously speaking to was offline and the chat was unassigned, this means it’s gone back into the queue and is waiting to be picked up!

If you feel your query is urgent, please feel free to give us a bell on 0800 802 1281 :blush: