Hi how can i contact Monzo in live chat

hi how can i contact Monzo in live chat? my account was blocked and i put another account where my money need to come , and is showing how much time will arrive , now i try to entry in app and just exit me from everywhere and now i dont see when arrive money , so how can i contact now monzo to speak about that ? Thanks all!!

You can’t if your account is closed. You need to call or email. Details can be found if you Google it.

I wanted to say the same but my post was flagged for moderator approval :frowning_face: Must be the new filters they are playing around with!

I’ve had that earlier too. So frustrating

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See the message next to my name.


I might message in app support :joy::wink:

Can I have them phone number to call please

0800 802 1281

It’s on the back of your card.