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I have recently applied for a role in monzo, I was told on Monday to expect an email for the next stage which would be an assignment.

I have yet to receive the email, I have sent the person who took the call an email but haven’t had any reply.

Does anyone know what my next steps could be? I would just like to ensure that I have time off my current job for the assignment.

Thank you

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Call the person you spoke to? Email them again? Wait?

Unfortunately nobody here is going to be able to help you and the only person that will know the definitive answer is the one that hasn’t replied to you.

I would wait to hear back from your recruiter. It could be a backlog as they will have other applicants as well.

We in the community can’t help you with that :wink:

Good luck on your new venture. Maybe we will see you here in the future as a staff member :monzo: