Contact information for monzo careers?

I submitted an application for a job role yesterday, but didn’t receive an automated confirmation email which I believe I should have. There’s a chance I made a typo on the email address field, or perhaps it didn’t submit properly (although the message in the browser stated it had been submitted and to expect a confirmatory email). There’s nothing in my SPAM folder, and I’ve applied for a role before and did receive the automated receipt email.

I tried emailing ‘’ to check if it had arrived etc., but it bounced. From memory, that was the careers contact email address previously?

Does anyone know how I can follow up with this? I suspect just using the customer help channels wouldn’t bear fruit.


This is on the careers page:

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Thanks for the response!

Yes I submitted via their application process - the issue is I haven’t received the promised automated confirmation email that it arrived successfully, and I want to check that it has been submitted ok and that I didn’t make a typo with my email address on the form etc.

I think I’d just reapply.

No problem :slight_smile:

Perhaps fill it out again so you can double and triple check everything. There aren’t many fields so that will probably be quicker.

Edit: @Anarchist beat me to it :smiley:


Have resubmitted, no doubt email address was good this time, but haven’t received an automated confirmation again, so perhaps it’s an issue on the Monzo/Greenhouse side?

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If you have an account, just message them in app, might take some time for them to chase it up with the right team though.

Hi Yan!

Sorry about this. Can you DM me with the role that you applied for and I’ll check with the relevant recruiter :grinning:

Sure, please send me a DM!


Hi @simonb, I’ve had this same problem. How can I get in touch to make sure my application went through successfully? :pray:

DM’d, thank you :pray:t2:

Hi @simonb i have applied on monday this week through the website just wondering when i will hear back?

Hey Momina, I don’t have a timeline I’m afraid, we’re getting quite a few applications in at the moment and trying to get everything reviewed as fast as we can. Please feel free to follow if you’ve not heard back in a couple of weeks.

Hello, wondering if anyone can help me, I applied for two roles in monzo. I only got one confirmation email for the application. I wondered if I gave the wrong email so I submitted a second application for front of house. On the 28th of June I received three emails. First one said that there are lots of applications and will get back to me as soon as possible. Second email said my application for front of house would not be going forward. And the third saying they wouldn’t be moving forward with my application but had no job role. On the 29th of July, I got an email from Shannon in recruitment, she asked me whether or not I was going to complete my ‘take home’ task and to reply whether or not I’m still interested in this role so she can update the data base. I did reply to say I’m confused and explained my situation. Unfortunately no one has gotten back to me since.

Please can someone explain what’s happened?

How long have you been waiting for a reply from Shannon? She seems like the best line of communication to get the answers you want.

The reason I say this is because the recruitment team aren’t very active on here so you’ll probably be waiting even longer. @simonb has been helping out a little bit too so if he has some free time perhaps he can check for you :slight_smile:

Yesterday afternoon. The reason I’m worried is because the ‘take home’ task had a deadline of 5 days from the email she sent me. Also she said if she didn’t hear from me in a ‘few days’ that she will assume I’m not interested anymore. Just don’t want to miss out on any opportunities. Thank you

Hey Vanessa, so sorry for the confusion here! I’ve sent a message to Shannon, I’ll let you know when I hear back.


Hi again @Vanessak - Shannon will be emailing you directly soon, so keep a look out :grinning:


Thank you very much @simonb!

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I have recently applied for a position in Cardiff and I would really like to send a follow up email. I have sent you a direct message on twitter but if you could get in touch with me that would be great.

I really hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
Ihsana Feldwick